Handy Bags for Quick Relief Soccer Fans May Get Mobile Urinals

Soccer fans caught short at next year's European Championship in Austria and Switzerland may be able to relieve themselves in a mobile urinal -- a bag which turns the liquid into a gel.

The urination bag would have come in handy for these German fans during the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

The urination bag would have come in handy for these German fans during the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

A Cologne-based company has developed a urinal-in-a-bag and is negotiating with a merchandising firm to distribute it at next year's European football championship in Austria and Switzerland.

The bag contains absorbent polymers which soak up the urine and turn it into a gel, preventing any subsequent spillage. A moist towelette is also supplied for clean hands.

The "roadbag" was designed by Eva Tinter of KETS GmbH. It is not a new invention but she has copyright protection for the design of the product, which is supplied in a little car-shaped bag.

"We have presented the product and are in talks with the merchandising firm, but no final decisions have been taken yet," Tinter told SPIEGEL ONLINE. The product has been on the market since last year and is primarily aimed at drivers stuck in traffic or caught short on camping trips or open-air festivals.

Tinter said it would also come in handy at major sporting events such as next June's European Championship, when thousands of fans will be soiling parks and streets with urine.

Tinter said she had sold thousands of roadbags to medical suppliers and filling stations. "I have had many letters from wheelchair users expressing their thanks for the product," said Tinter.

She said she had also offered to sell the product to the organizers of the Cologne carnival, which is notorious for wild urination by inebriated revellers in the city. "The matter was something of a taboo, I think the organizers in Cologne are conservative. So I'll be offering it to the carnival organizers in Düsseldorf next year instead."



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