Photo Gallery: I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor

Foto: Science Museum London

Have You Got Talent? Ask Dr. Dance to Evaluate Your Dance Video

When you step onto the dance floor, does the club belong to you? If you would like to find out what other people make of your moves, then send us your videos. Peter Lovatt and his team will research your style of dancing in their dance laboratory.

Want to find out how effective you are as a dancer? Just make a short video, a maximum of 30 seconds long, and psychologist Peter Lovatt who is known on the campus of the University of Hertfordshire and well beyond, as Dr. Dance, will have it evaluated in his dance laboratory:

  • He can categorize your style of dancing based on the size of your movements and your degree of coordination. Based on this, he can evaluate how attractive your dancing is to others.

  • He will apply a blur filter to the video, then show it to a large group of people in your age group. Their ratings will help determine how people respond to your dance style.

  • He can also show the video to individuals using eye-tracking methods that will tell exactly where they are looking when they watch you dance. The ratings will tell you whether you are capable of attracting people's attention.

Send your video to . The file cannot be larger than 20 MB. It is important that only one person is shown dancing in the video. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us.

Dr. Dance will analyze a selection of the videos and the results will be published on SPIEGEL ONLINE and mailed to you. By e-mailing us your file, you are also confirming that you hold the rights to the video and that you and anyone displayed in the video agree to the publication of the video on SPIEGEL ONLINE with no fee.

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