Photo Gallery: Temperatures Soar Across Germany

Foto: SWM/ Marcus Schlaf

Scorching Highs Germans Beat Heat at Beach

With tempertures of up to 34 degrees Celsius, Germans are enjoying the first days of the official summer holiday season. Lakes, beaches and swimming pools are packed with people seeking a brief respite from the heat.

The summer vacation season officially began in 14 of Germany's 16 states on Monday, and not a day too soon, given temperatures of up to 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) on the Baltic Sea. On Tuesday, temperatures are expected to rise to as high as 34 degrees in southwestern Germany, typically the country's warmest area. By the weekend, it could get as hot as 39 degrees (102 degrees Fahrenheit) in some places.

The golden rays have people grabbing their towels and bathing suits and flocking to the country's pools, lakes and beaches. In the town of Zinnowitz on the Baltic Sea island Usedom, beaches are so crowded it is hard to see the sand beneath the myriad umbrellas. And in St. Peter Ording on the North Sea, scores of kite surfers and paddleboarders could be seen making the best of the hot summer weather.

Warm summer winds from the Sahara currently making their way through Spain to Northern Europe are expected to bring humidity and even higher temperatures to Germany starting on Wednesday.

Germans are famous for their obssession with all things weather-related , but after a record-long winter, few seem to be complaining about temperatures that have been pleasant now for three weeks straight.

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