Honeymoon in the Forest Newlyweds Navigate into Deep, Dark Dead End

A newly married couple in western Germany thought they were on the way to a romantic honeymoon hotel. Instead, their navigation system led them into the depths of a dark forest, where they got stuck. It took the cops hours to find them.

Follow me honey. I'm sure it's this way.

Follow me honey. I'm sure it's this way.

The ideal vision of a honeymoon tends to involve white sandy beaches, palm trees and sunny skies -- not a latter day version of "Hansel and Gretel." But a German couple who tied the knot on Tuesday evening spent their first hours of wedlock stuck in the mud deep in a dark western German forest shivering through the late evening in their tiny Nissan Micra.

After a wedding in the town of Hamm, just east of Dortmund, the couple set off for a hotel in a rustic village called Willingen. They switched on their car's navigation system and proceeded to follow instructions.

Unfortunately, the navigation system seemed to have no better idea of where to go than the couple had. The newlyweds found themselves driving along a bumpy, unpaved forest road toward a tall mountain. Even when a barricade blocked further progress, the navigation system led them forward. But when they tried to drive around the roadblock, their car got stuck.

Not wanting to spend the night in a pitch-black forest on the side of an 840-meter (2,755-foot) mountain, the couple called the police. By now it was about 8 p.m. The police needed another two hours to find them, since the couple was unable to say exactly where they were.

Finally, though, the cops were able to get the car back onto a main road and lead the couple to their honeymoon hotel -- where they checked in just before midnight.



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