'No Angels' Singer in Jail German Pop Star Accused of Infecting Partner with HIV

Nadja Benaissa, a singer with Germany's most successful girl group ever, 'No Angels', has been arrested on suspicion of having infected a sexual partner with HIV. She faces a possible charge of grievous bodily harm.

A Nadja Benaissa, a 26-year-old singer and member of Germany's most successful girl group "No Angels," has been arrested on suspicion of infecting a partner with HIV.

The public prosecutor's office in the western town of Darmstadt said the singer was being held because of the "urgent suspicion that the accused had unprotected sexual intercourse with three people in the years 2004 and 2006 without telling them beforehand that she was HIV positive."

At least one of the partners has since been tested positive for HIV, allegedly as a result of having intercourse with her, the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

The singer faces a possible charge of grievous bodily harm which carries a sentence of between six months and 10 years, the office said. She has been remanded in custody.

Benaissa was arrested on Saturday evening before she was due to give a solo performance in Frankfurt. The manager of No Angels, Khalid Schröder, declined to comment on the arrest.

No Angels represented Germany in the 2008 Eurovision Song contest where they came in last place.

The all-girl band with five members in its original line-up came to prominence after winning the German TV casting show "Popstars" in 2000 and became continental Europe's most successful girl group, selling more than 5 million records and scoring several No. 1 hits.

They split up in December 2003 but made a comeback in 2007.


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