Novel Solution to Ban Restaurateur Introduces Smoking Hole

A restaurateur in Lower Saxony has refused to be deterred by the state's new ban on smoking in bars and restaurants: He has sawed three holes in the wall so patrons can smoke "outside."

A German restaurateur has come up with a novel solution to a new ban on smoking in restaurants: He has made three holes in the wall of his restaurant so that customers can smoke "outside."

Michael Windisch, proprietor of the "Maltermeister Turm" restaurant in Goslar in the state of Lower Saxony, was frustrated by the state's ban on smoking in bars and restaurants, which was introduced on Aug. 1. His solution was to get out the saw.

With the "smoking point," customers can put their heads through the large hole in the middle and one hand through each of the two smaller side-holes. The patrons can then legally enjoy a cigarette without having to leave the comfort of the inn.

The idea could well catch on across the country: Several of Germany's 16 federal states are to introduce smoking bans on Jan. 1, 2008, including Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia and the city-states of Berlin and Hamburg.



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