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Reporter Forgery DER SPIEGEL Reveals Internal Fraud

A DER SPIEGEL reporter committed large-scale journalistic fraud over several years. Internal clues and research have provided significant evidence against reporter Claas Relotius, who has since admitted to the falsifications and is no longer employed by DER SPIEGEL. Other media organizations may also have been affected. Von Ullrich Fichtner
20. Dezember 2018, 14:01 Uhr

Social Design Award Vote For Your Favorite Neighborhood Project

Waffles for everybody, a children's hotel, a community beer garden: We have narrowed down the Social Design Award submissions to a shortlist of 10. Which one is your favorite? It's time to submit your vote for the Audience Award. Von Marianne Wellershoff
12. Oktober 2018, 14:18 Uhr

Hamburg Refugee Helper 'Integration Cannot Succeed Like This'

Christine Simon-Noll is active helping refugees in Hamburg's HafenCity neighborhood. She says it is getting much tougher to find volunteers. In an interview, she outlines what needs to happen in order to ensure successful integration. Von Marianne Wellershoff
16. Juli 2018, 16:52 Uhr

Political Poison The Fraught Cold War History of Novichok

The attack on former spy Sergei Skripal thrust the nerve agent Novichok into the spotlight. For many, it was the first time they had heard of the poison, but it has long been a bone of contention between Moscow and the West. Von Klaus Wiegrefe
25. April 2018, 14:49 Uhr

Rail Suicide A Train Driver's Struggle to Return to the Tracks

Each year in Germany, 800 people throw themselves in front of speeding trains, transforming the drivers into involuntary killers. Stephan Kniest has run over four people so far in his career - and fears that a fifth could do him in. Von Hauke Goos
14. Februar 2018, 10:35 Uhr

Greener Living Vote for Your Favorite Urban Oases

How do we want to live in the future? The Social Design Award has selected a shortlist of urban development projects focusing on plants in the city. Now it's your turn to decide which finalist will receive the 2,500-euro audience award. Von Marianne Wellershoff
5. Oktober 2017, 13:08 Uhr

Social Design Award Transitioning to a Better World

Community gardeners and other activists in Berlin are helping the Transition movement to take root in the German capital as part of its worldwide campaign for a sustainable society. Von Michael Sontheimer
19. Juli 2017, 14:41 Uhr

DER SPIEGEL Exclusive Cristiano Ronaldo's Secret

An American woman goes to the police in Las Vegas. She claims she has been raped by an athlete: global football star Cristiano Ronaldo. What really happened has never been resolved because lawyers settled the case with a payment of $375,000 by the Real Madrid star. By SPIEGEL Staff
19. April 2017, 15:39 Uhr

Nazis on the Roof of the World A Bizarre SS Expedition to Tibet

In 1938, an SS expedition led by German zoologist Ernst Schäfer trekked to Tibet, returning with priceless animal specimens. Many believe they had actually been sent to search for a lost Aryan race, but a new book argues that the truth is more complicated. Von Matthias Schulz
3. April 2017, 10:40 Uhr

PEDs on the Pitch The Lie of Drug-Free Football

It is often said that taking performance enhancing drugs makes no sense for soccer players. Then why do so many do so? An internal list from the World Anti-Doping Agency reveals the substances players have been caught using. And shows that football officials seek to play down the issue. Von Rafael Buschmann, Lukas Eberle, Christoph Winterbach und Gerhard Pfeil
17. März 2017, 18:02 Uhr

SPIEGEL Interview with Architect Herzog The Striking New Face of Hamburg

Architect Jacques Herzog has designed dozens of buildings together with his partner Pierre de Meuron. But his most controversial project to date, the Elbphilharmonie, is about to open in Hamburg. SPIEGEL spoke with Herzog about what the building's importance to the city. Von Ulrike Knöfel
2. November 2016, 16:48 Uhr

Interview with Rafael Nadal 'Tennis Is a Lesson in Self-Control'

Tennis star Rafael Nadal has won 14 Grand Slam tournaments and is still a force to be reckoned with. Recently, he opened a tennis academy to train the next generation of players. SPIEGEL spoke with him about the academy, the modern game and his plans for the future. Von Lukas Eberle
20. Oktober 2016, 13:51 Uhr