Pampered Pets New Luxury Bus Service for German Dogs

Dogs in Berlin can now travel to their daycare center in the lap of luxury with a specially-made bus offering soothing classical music and comfortable rugs. The bus is designed to ensure that even cats can hitch a ride without encountering any trouble.

Europe's first bus service for dogs was launched on Monday by a pet daycare center in Berlin which has designed a luxury 40-cabin coach for the purpose.

"The cabins each have air conditioning, heating, soft, colorful rugs, a window and loudspeakers through which we play soothing classical music for them," Ute Seemann, spokeswoman for Pfötchenhotel, or Paw Hotel, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. "They are all separate cabins so there's no chance of any fights breaking out and we can even transport cats."

The first and only passenger on Monday was fox terrier Amy, who enjoyed the ride to the "Dog Kindergarten," said Seemann. "She was wagging her tail like mad. We've already had enquiries from a number of dog owners today including one who wants to book our service for a whole year."

Dog owners take their pets to designated dog bus stops to be picked by the dog bus and taken to the daycare center in Beelitz on the outskirts of Berlin. Their pets are then returned to the bus stop in the evening, becalmed by classical music.

The bus is a converted white truck with 40 windows cut into the sides. The bus pickup service and day care costs €14.99 per day. Seemann said the bus was the first dedicated dog transport service in Europe.


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