'Mama Come!' Parrot with Child's Voice Sparks Police Operation

Police forced their way into an apartment in Germany after hearing what they described as a "child-like voice" calling for its mother and father. Instead of an abandoned toddler, they found a cheerful and very talkative parrot.
A gray parrot.

A gray parrot.

Foto: DPA

The woman who called the police on Tuesday morning sounded worried. She said she had been trying for several days to speak to a neighbor but no one had answered the door when she knocked, even though she could hear children's voices inside.

Police dispatched to the flat in the western German town of Ibbenbüren heard a distinct child-like voice calling "Mama," "Papa" and "Mama Come."

"Police measures were launched because it couldn't be ruled out that an accident had occurred," the police said in a statement. The officers called the landlord and summoned the fire brigade and an ambulance.

The tension increased until a fireman finally managed to open the door.

"To their surprise they only found a parrot in the apartment, a talkative Blue-fronted Amazon. The parrot was sitting happily in its cage and greeted the officers with the words 'Mama,' 'Papa' and 'Mama Come,' the statement said.

When they reached the neighbor by phone, he told them that the family was away on holiday and that the parrot was being fed and watered regularly by a friend.

Satisfied, the officers left the bird to its monologue.

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