Hospitalized with Stings Swarm of Hornets Attacks German Schoolchildren

A swarm of angry hornets assaulted a group of schoolchildren during an excursion to a nature park in northeastern Germany on Tuesday. Twenty of them plus five adults had to be taken to the hospital in a major operation involving a dozen ambulances and a helicopter.

Hornets can be aggressive if disturbed.

Hornets can be aggressive if disturbed.

A group of German primary schoolchildren was attacked by a swarm of hornets during a school trip to a nature reserve on Tuesday, and 20 of them plus five adults had to be taken to hospital with stings, police said.

A total of 240 children were walking along a road near the town of Röbel in northeastern Germany when the large buzzing insects swooped down on them, probably after being disturbed, one rescue worker said.

Twelve ambulances and one helicopter rushed to the scene to treat the injured. Four children were kept in the hospital overnight for observation.

School resumed on Wednesday with lessons focusing on hornets and other stinging insects. "The children have to come to terms with this," said headmistress Christa Schardin.

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