Till Booze Does Us Part Bride Abandons Drunk Groom on Side of Road

It's not unusual for a bridegroom to enjoy a drink or two at his own wedding. But one German man rather overdid things at his nuptials -- leading his new wife to abandon him in a field by the side of the road to sleep off his stupor.

Wedded bliss has got off to a fairly inauspicious start for one German couple: After having been man and wife for only a few hours, a German bride left her husband to sleep in a field at the side of an autobahn after he passed out drunk.

Early on Sunday morning, an ambulance crew notified the police that they had found a man sleeping in a field next to a rest stop on the A6 autobahn between Ludwigshafen and Kaiserslautern in south-western Germany. Since the man did not respond to questions or to tests performed by the paramedics, he was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

The authorities eventually determined that the man had gotten married the night before. According to a police statement released Monday, the man told them that he had felt unwell as his wife was driving him home. The tipsy groom asked her to pull the car over immediately. After exiting the car, the man lay down in a field on the side of the road and fell asleep. The bride's motive for abandoning her husband was not immediately clear.

Fortunately the wedding-night fiasco had a happy ending. According to the police statement, "after further checks in the hospital, the newly wedded couple was able to travel home in a taxi, together and happy. It is not known whether the doctors succeeded in making the groom fit for his wedding night."


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