50th Berlinale's a Hit 50th Berlinale's a Hit: 89,000 Moviegoers So Far

The Berlin Film Festival is a hit with the public in its anniversary year. Halfway through the festival, organizers have already counted 89,000 guests.

That's 7,000 more than were counted at this time last year. Among the reasons: The movie theaters are bigger and there's less distance between them. In years past, moviegoers had to trek across the city from one theater to the next. This is the first year that most of the theaters are gathered in a single spot, Potsdamer Platz.

"But the program surely also has a lot to do with it. The finest movie theaters won't help if the people aren't interested in the films," said Peter Böhme of the Berlinale box office. By the end of the festival this coming Sunday, organizers expect a total of 400,000 guests.

translated by David Hudson

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