Whoops! Whoops: Breaking a Leg at the Berlinale

Visitors to this year's Berlin Film Festival are learning how to live dangerously. Broken legs and plunges into water basins are just one misstep away.

"BBL" Berlinale Broken Leg

"BBL" Berlinale Broken Leg

Berlin - While the architects may have had visual and architectural wonders in mind when they designed the "Berlinale-Palast" (the "Berlinale Palace" which during the other weeks of the year serves as a musical theater) on Potsdamer Platz, but festival guests have found it to be more of obstacle course. The stone steps to the left and to the right of the red carpet leading up to the entrance are smooth and hard to see. Since the beginning of the Berlinale, there have been five or six accidents. One festival guest has even suffered a broken leg, said a Berlinale spokesperson.

Other pedestrians have also fallen into the water basins placed on either side to provide the perception of a broader space. Following the warning initially published in their daily journal, festival organizers have renewed their call to all guests to be extra careful on the steps.

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