Football@home "Beckham sweats cologne"

Adrian Schimpf ist Rechtsanwalt und unterrichtet an der University of Surrey in Guildford/England als Hochschullektor des DAAD deutsches Recht. Zuvor war der 34-Jährige für die "Hamburger Morgenpost", die "Sächsische Zeitung" und die "Financial Times Deutschland" tätig. In seiner wöchentlichen Kolumne "Football@home" widmet sich der gebürtige Berliner dem Fußballgeschehen auf der Insel.

"The first man on the cover of 'Marie Claire' - I was touched."
(David Beckham, 2002)

14. "When they picked teams at school, I was always the last chosen. I used to get booted everywhere because I was really little. I didn't have many friends really."
(David Beckham, 2002)

13. "There is nothing more important than the state of David Beckham's foot."
(PM Tony Blair, 2002)

12. "Normally when you swap shirts they are soaked in sweat, but Beckham's smelt only of perfume. Either he protects himself against BO or he sweats cologne."
(Brazil striker Ronaldo, 2002)

11. "David is an animal in bed. Some woman asked me in an interview: 'Are you so thin because you shag all day?' And I say: 'Actually, yes.'"
(Victoria Beckham, 2000)

10. "Do you fancy me or something?"
(David Beckham, 2001)

9. "He walks around the kitchen going: 'I'm a gay icon, I'm a gay icon.' When I try to say 'So am I,' he just goes: 'But they love me more.'"
(Victoria Beckham, 2000)

8. "I feel sorry for Becks. He must come home and shut the door and say to Victoria; 'What the fuck did you say today?'"
(Noel Gallagher, Oasis, 2000)

7. "I've read it, cover to cover. It's got some nice pictures."
(Victoria Beckham, 2000)

6. "The place was packed when England played. Trade went up 200 per cent. But I've never seen a pub empty so quickly. His stupid kick cost the licensed trade millions."
(Publican Bill Murray, 1998)

5. "Posh Spice is pregnant. At least that's one time David Beckham has stayed on long enough."
(TV-comedian Bradley Walsh, 1998)

4. "People say you get married and spend the rest of your life in the kitchen, but my life is not like that. I'm not very domesticated - I don't even know how to turn on the washing machine and I have no intention of ever bloody learning. David does all that."
(Victoria Beckham, 1999)

3. "He's extremely good looking isn't he? And so noble. I think he's wonderful, especially when you consider what a brat he used to be."
(Doris Lessing, 2002)

2. "He's very good looking and very rich, he's a fantastic footballer with an attractive wife and a lovely child. He has what everyone wants, which is why everyone hates him."
(Robbie Williams, 2002)

1. "Beckham can't kick with his left foot. He can't head a ball, can't tackle and doesn't score many goals. Apart from that, he's all right."
(George Best, 2000)

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