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Abuse in the Church

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The World from Berlin Blame Traded after Failed Church Abuse Probe

The German Catholic Church called off an independent review of allegations of sexual abuse in its ranks this week. The head of the investigation accused the Church of censorship. On Thursday, the two sides traded blame as German commentators largely mourned the end of the examination.
10. Januar 2013, 15:03 Uhr

Living in the Lap of Luxury Bishop's Extravagant Behavior Triggers Uproar

He extols the virtues of poverty and humility, but the German bishop of Limburg enjoys first-class flights and a luxurious new living complex. As the truth comes out about their secretive shepherd, local Catholics are threatening to abandon the fold en masse. Von Martin U. Müller und Peter Wensierski
23. August 2012, 16:42 Uhr

Pedophile Priests in Germany 'Zero-Tolerance' Bishop Accused of Leniency

Two years ago, Germany's Catholic Church was rocked by reports of widespread child abuse. But Stephan Ackermann, the bishop subsequently made the German Bishops' Conference's spokesman on such issues, has rattled many in his own diocese by refusing to actively pursue investigations or impose harsh penalties. Von Anna Catherin Loll
22. März 2012, 17:33 Uhr

The World From Berlin 'The Pope Can't Neglect What's Happening in His Own Church'

The pope's highly anticipated speech in Germany's parliament Thursday was met with a standing ovation by politicians, who he warned not to abandon their principles for power. In Friday's newspapers, though, German commentators take the pope to task for not addressing contemporary problems within the Catholic Church in his speech.
23. September 2011, 15:05 Uhr

Mission Clarity Pope Benedict's Blunt New World

It has been billed as Pope Benedict XVI's most difficult trip abroad to date. But so far in Germany, the pope has not sought to shy away from controversy. His bluntness has surprised many -- and could transform the visit into a rousing success. By SPIEGEL Staff
23. September 2011, 13:41 Uhr

The Pope in Germany Financial Crisis, Religion and a Bit of Protest

In Germany on Thursday, Pope Benedict XVI wasted no time in touching on one of the main themes of his papacy: declining religiosity. But he also chatted with Chancellor Angela Merkel about the financial crisis and said he understands the protests surrounding his visit.
22. September 2011, 17:04 Uhr

The Pope Comes Home Benedict Criticizes Lack of Religiosity in Germany

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Berlin on Thursday morning to kick-off a four-day trip to Germany. He was welcomed by President Christian Wulff and Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of a highly anticipated speech before the German parliament. He said he was unbothered by the massive criticism which preceded the visit.
22. September 2011, 12:29 Uhr

Disillusioned German Catholics The Pope's Difficult Visit to His Homeland

When Joseph Ratzinger became pope in 2005, Catholics in Germany joyfully celebrated the first German pope in almost 500 years. Since then, the euphoria has turned to disappointment and disillusionment. Benedict XVI's visit to Germany this week will do little to heal the deep divide between conservatives and reformers in the German Church. By SPIEGEL Staff.
20. September 2011, 16:17 Uhr

Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church Bishops Open Personnel Files to Investigators

The credibility of the Catholic Church in Germany has suffered enormously as a result of allegations of sexual abuse. Now the country's bishops have ordered investigations of an unprecedented scale in Europe. SPIEGEL has learned the church will provide external investigators with access to personnel files in all 27 dioceses.
11. Juli 2011, 16:38 Uhr

Sins of the Flesh Church Shaken by Sexual Abuse Allegations in Africa

Following a series of abuse cases in Europe and North America, revelations have emerged of sexual abuse by priests in a number of African countries. The case of Father Renato Kizito, who is accused of raping young men in Kenya, shows how local power structures work in favor of the clerics. Von Horand Knaup
8. Juli 2011, 17:33 Uhr

German Bishop Steps Down The Inflation of Victimhood

Bishop Walter Mixa, who submitted his resignation Thursday amid accusations of violence and financial irregularities, had to go. But the Catholic Church is mistaken if it believes that it has earned itself some breathing space. The abuse debate will not be silenced. Von Jan Fleischhauer
23. April 2010, 14:24 Uhr

The World from Berlin 'Anyone Who Thinks Like Mixa Shouldn't Be a Bishop'

Embattled German Bishop Walter Mixa submitted his offer to resign to the Vatican on Wednesday amid allegations that he physically abused children and misappropriated Church funds. German commentators welcome the move, saying it sparks hopes of greater transparency in the Catholic Church's abuse investigation.
22. April 2010, 14:13 Uhr