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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933 promising a resurgent German empire in the wake of World War I and the Great Depression. Twelve years later Germany lay in rubble following World War II and the horrors of the Holocaust.

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A Hidden Legacy Time for a New Look at Nazi Art

Thousands of artworks from the Nazi period lie hidden away in storage depots, far from the public eye. The U.S. also holds a number of paintings, drawings and sculptures from the Third Reich under lock and key. It is time that they be more closely examined. Von Ulrike Knöfel
14. August 2019, 11:08 Uhr

Nazis on the Roof of the World A Bizarre SS Expedition to Tibet

In 1938, an SS expedition led by German zoologist Ernst Schäfer trekked to Tibet, returning with priceless animal specimens. Many believe they had actually been sent to search for a lost Aryan race, but a new book argues that the truth is more complicated. Von Matthias Schulz
3. April 2017, 10:40 Uhr

Book of Hate The Bold Attempt to Demystify Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'

For the first time since 1945, Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' is available for sale in Germany. With a new annotated edition, Historians hope to "defuse" the Nazi-era bestseller. Even after seven decades, it remains a dangerous proposition. Von Martin Doerry und Klaus Wiegrefe
15. Januar 2016, 17:53 Uhr

Hitler's Bronze Horses How Fans Smuggled Nazi Art To West Germany

In one of the most curious stories of art smuggling from the Eastern Bloc prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, two classic car dealers smuggled Nazi artworks from a Soviet barracks to West Germany in 1989. The full account is only now coming to light. Von Konstantin von Hammerstein
22. Oktober 2015, 14:28 Uhr

Art World Hunt The Quest for Hitler's Lost Treasures

A Dutch detective and Berlin police spent months searching for art commissioned by Hitler that went missing after German reunification. Officials finally recovered the dubious works in raids last week -- here's how they did it. Von Konstantin von Hammerstein
26. Mai 2015, 17:06 Uhr

The Thirty Years' War How Peace Kept WWI Alive

On two separate occasions, in 1918 and 1945, the world had to decide what to do with Germany. The second time around, world leaders almost made the same mistakes that failed to keep the Germans down after World War I. Von Jan Fleischhauer
7. Februar 2014, 15:51 Uhr

Berlin Blunder Google Maps Brings Back 'Adolf Hitler Square'

Online mapping service Google Maps temporarily mislabeled a square in central Berlin with its former Nazi-era name: Adolf Hitler Square. Google couldn't explain the error when contacted by reporters but said they were looking into the matter.
10. Januar 2014, 10:51 Uhr

Neo-Nazi Worries Bavaria Pulls Plug on Annotated 'Mein Kampf'

For years, historians in Munich have been working on an annotated edition of Adolf Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" to be released when the copyright expires in 2015. The state of Bavaria gave the green light in 2012 -- but now they are trying to halt the project.
11. Dezember 2013, 12:36 Uhr

Gurlitt Works A Herculean Task in Identifying Provenance

A scholarly task force has been set up to clarify the origins of some of the artworks found in Cornelius Gurlitt's Munich apartment. The group will be led by prominent German art historian and will include two experts with the Jewish Claims Conference. Von Michael Sontheimer
19. November 2013, 13:29 Uhr

'A Kind of Fief' Munich Art Hoarder's Father in His Own Words

The name Cornelius Gurlitt has hit the headlines recently after the discovery of a massive art collection in his Munich apartment. His art dealer father Hildebrand offered a fascinating insight into his love of paintings in a never-before published text from 1955.
18. November 2013, 18:01 Uhr

Constitutional Expressionism Legal Questions Overwhelm Art Find

There is much consternation among investigators, politicians and academics about how to handle the trove of artworks found in Munich this month. Criticism by Jewish groups abroad is growing, but complex provenance questions could take years to resolve. Von SPIEGEL Staff
18. November 2013, 15:33 Uhr

Interview with a Phantom Cornelius Gurlitt Shares His Secrets

Cornelius Gurlitt hoarded art treasures his father obtained under dubious circumstances in the Nazi era. The reclusive 80-year-old has given SPIEGEL the first interview since news of their discovery broke two weeks ago. He says the pictures are the love of his life and must be returned. Von Özlem Gezer
17. November 2013, 09:12 Uhr

Phantom Collector The Mystery of the Munich Nazi Art Trove

The world has been captivated by the discovery of more than 1,400 works of art in a Munich apartment, among them many lost masterpieces stolen by the Nazis. The mystery surrounding the paintings reveals much about the great tragedies of the 20th century -- and Germany's attempt to grapple with its past. Von SPIEGEL Staff
11. November 2013, 18:46 Uhr

New German Biography Hitler's Underestimated Charisma

There's no disputing Adolf Hitler was responsible for some of the most monstrous acts ever committed. In an interview about his new biography, however, historian Volker Ullrich discusses a dictator who was an anti-Semite but also a man of considerable charm. Von Jan Fleischhauer
11. Oktober 2013, 17:36 Uhr

Controversial Move German Ministry Ponders Honoring Soviet Spy

The German Foreign Ministry is considering placing a former employee, Ilse Stöbe, on an honorary list of staff who resisted Hitler. It would be a controversial move because she was a Soviet agent at a time when Stalin and Hitler were allies. Von Klaus Wiegrefe
1. Oktober 2013, 16:41 Uhr

Secret Code Music Score May Lead to Nazi Gold

After some initial digs, a Dutch filmmaker believes he may have found the site of buried Nazi treasure long rumored to exist. He was led to the Bavarian town of Mittenwald after cracking a code believed to be hidden in a music score. Von Björn Hengst und Benjamin Dürr
20. September 2013, 17:41 Uhr