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Endless War A Visit with the Taliban in Afghanistan

More than 17 years after the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan, the country is still at war. The Afghan army is weak, a resurgent Taliban is mounting fresh attacks and new peace negotiations do not include Kabul. Peace remains a distant goal. Von Fritz Schaap und Sergio Ramazzotti
29. Januar 2019, 12:20 Uhr

Terror in Kabul Autobomben-Anschlag vor Ausländerhotel

Bei einem Terroranschlag nahe einer schwer gesicherten Ausländerunterkunft sind in Kabul mindestens vier Menschen getötet worden. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen wurden auch zwei deutsche Polizisten durch herumfliegende Splitter verletzt. Von Jörg Diehl und Matthias Gebauer
14. Januar 2019, 22:08 Uhr

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai 'We Failed Miserably'

In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai discusses the failure of the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan, the future of the war and why he would be willing to work with the Trump administration. Von Susanne Koelbl
14. Juni 2018, 16:29 Uhr

Battle for Kunduz The Taliban Erases Western Gains in Afghanistan

The Taliban has carried out repeated raids on Kunduz in northern Afghanistan despite ongoing Western presence in the country As the situation has deteriorated, locals have become caught between two fronts -- and the future of the country is at stake. Von Susanne Koelbl
12. Oktober 2016, 14:14 Uhr

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat Berlin Moves to Curb Afghan Refugee Influx

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans are seeking refuge in Germany from their country's turmoil. Berlin plans to increase its deportations and scare tactics in order to lower the number of asylum-seekers from the region. Von Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt, Susanne Koelbl, Christiane Hoffmann und Konstantin von Hammerstein
2. März 2016, 14:27 Uhr

'Execution Orgy' Pakistan Learns from a Brutal Terrorist Attack

One year ago, Taliban attackers stormed a school in Peshawar and killed over 130 children. Since then, the government and military have begun taking security seriously. Many say the country has changed for the better. Von Hasnain Kazim
14. Dezember 2015, 15:33 Uhr

Interview with Afghan President Ghani 'I Have To Hold Our Country Together'

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is calling for greater support for Afghanistan, where the Taliban's strength is growing. The fact that tens of thousands are fleeing his country to Europe is likely to be a major topic of his meeting with Chancellor Merkel on Thursday. Von Susanne Koelbl
2. Dezember 2015, 12:23 Uhr

The Next Wave Afghans Flee To Europe in Droves

As the situation in Afghanistan becomes ever more chaotic, an increasing number of Afghans are heading towards Europe. But as one family's story shows, the trip often ends in tragedy. Von Susanne Koelbl
30. Oktober 2015, 10:58 Uhr

Mullah Omar Biographer 'The World's Most Mysterious Political Leader'

Following reports of the death of Mullah Omar, the situation in Afghanistan is chaotic -- the peace process is on the fritz and the Taliban is divided. A Dutch journalist writing a biography of the Islamist leader says his role has been exaggerated. Von Samiha Shafy
30. Juli 2015, 23:55 Uhr

Syria's Mercenaries The Afghans Fighting Assad's War

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is running out of soldiers and is forced to rely on mercenaries in his ongoing battle against rebels. Many of his foreign fighters come from Afghanistan -- men like Murad, who is now being held in Aleppo as a prisoner-of-war. Von Christoph Reuter
11. Mai 2015, 12:32 Uhr

Obama's Lists A Dubious History of Targeted Killings in Afghanistan

Combat operations in Afghanistan may be coming to an end, but a look at secret NATO documents reveals that the US and the UK were far less scrupulous in choosing targets for killing than previously believed. Drug dealers were also on the lists. Von SPIEGEL Staff
28. Dezember 2014, 20:02 Uhr

The Road to Bamiyan A Public Works Debacle that Defines Afghanistan

It was to be a symbol of reconstructed Afghanistan: a paved highway from Kabul to the beautiful valley of Bamiyan. Construction has long been underway, but the project may never be completed -- a victim of the realities in present-day Afghanistan. Von Jochen-Martin Gutsch
30. September 2014, 18:04 Uhr