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Berlin Peace Summit Can Diplomacy Stop the War in Libya?

In the conflict over Libya, a North African country of considerable strategic importance for Europe, three countries have been setting the agenda betting on a military solution: Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Does diplomacy still have a chance? By Markus Becker, Christian Esch, Christiane Hoffmann, Frank Hornig, Matthias Gebauer, Mirco Keilberth, Steffen Lüdke, Peter Müller, Maximilian Popp, Mathieu von Rohr, Britta Sandberg, Christoph Schult und Severin Weiland
17. Januar 2020, 19:03 Uhr

Honest Broker How the Libya Summit in Berlin Took Shape

The path to this Sunday's peace conference on Libya in Berlin was anything but certain. First, officials in the German government had to convince all the parties in the conflict to attend. By Christian Esch, Matthias Gebauer, Christiane Hoffmann, Christoph Schult und Severin Weiland
17. Januar 2020, 18:11 Uhr

Migration to Europe UN Survey Says Africa's Best Are Emigrating

Many Europeans are apprehensive about migrants coming to the continent. The United Nations has surveyed some 3,000 immigrants from African countries about their personal histories and plans -- and came to some astonishing conclusions. Von Christoph Titz
24. Oktober 2019, 16:10 Uhr

The World's Bank Vast Chinese Loans Pose Risks to Developing World

China is the largest creditor in the world, funding infrastructure projects in the developing world in exchange for access to raw materials. A new study shows that the risk of a new debt crisis is significant. Von Bartholomäus Grill, Michael Sauga und Bernhard Zand
4. Juli 2019, 11:03 Uhr

The End of the Bashir Regime Sudan Revolution Struggles to Keep Momentum

In a working-class neighborhood of Khartoum, six friends helped topple Sudan's dictator, Omar al-Bashir. Now, as they hope for a transition to civilian power, they are afraid their protest is devolving into a street party, and that the military will remain in control. Von Katrin Kuntz
16. Mai 2019, 11:19 Uhr

Terror Group Boko Haram The Suicide Bomber Who Survived

Halima was supposed to die at a market in Chad. And her mission was to take as many people as possible with her -- a mission forced upon her by the terror group Boko Haram. But she survived, and the 20-year-old is now learning how to live again. Von Till Mayer
10. Mai 2019, 12:34 Uhr

Hell on Earth The Horrors of Child Prostitution in Ghana

More and more children in Ghana work as prostitutes. Melphia, 13, is one of them. She lives in a slum and at night, she has sex with businessmen, police officers and, increasingly, tourists. Von Sophia Bogner und Paul Hertzberg
17. April 2019, 14:39 Uhr

An Epidemic and a War Doctors Face Two Enemies in Fight Against Ebola

The second-largest outbreak of Ebola in history is ravaging the Democratic Republic of Congo. But as humanitarian organizations and the Congolese government struggle to fight the virus, they find themselves thwarted by the very people they are trying to help. Von Fritz Schaap und Sergio Ramazzotti
21. März 2019, 22:29 Uhr

Four Billion More What to Do About Massive Population Growth

The populations in the poorest countries on earth are doubling every few decades. That necessarily leads to conflict over scarce resources such as land, food and work -- and to more migration to Europe. But there are solutions. Von Fiona Ehlers, Bartholomäus Grill, Laura Höflinger und Samiha Shafy
15. Februar 2019, 18:30 Uhr

Smoke and Mirrors Big Tobacco's Dubious Health-Conscious Makeover

Tobacco companies claim they want to move away from cigarettes and focus on expanding the market for healthier electronic devices. But outside of Europe and the United States, they are still working to hook as many people on cigarettes as possible, even if it breaks the law. Von Hauke Goos und Ann-Kathrin Nezik
25. September 2018, 11:04 Uhr