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Air France Flight AF 447

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Air France Catastrophe Victims' Families Propose Grounding All A330s

Airbus believes pilot error caused the crash of Air France flight AF 447 two years ago. But the families of some victims think it might have been a technical defect. They have filed a petition with a Paris court which could result in a temporary grounding of all A330s. Von Gerald Traufetter
1. Juni 2011, 14:43 Uhr

Doomed Flight AF 447 Questions Raised about Airbus Automated Control System

It took just three-and-a-half minutes for Air France flight AF 447 to plunge 11,000 meters into the Atlantic two years ago. An initial analysis of the plane's data recorder hints at errors made by the pilots. But questions have also been raised about the A330's automated control systems. Von Gerald Traufetter
30. Mai 2011, 18:02 Uhr

Air France Flight 447 Families Concerned About Efforts to Recover Bodies

Victims' families are closer to the truth this week: Voice and data recorders from flight AF447 have been pulled from the ocean floor, and investigators hope to unlock their contents. But experts and family members remain at odds over whether newly discovered bodies should be brought to the surface. Von Annette Langer und Simone Utler
5. Mai 2011, 17:09 Uhr

Death in the Atlantic The Last Four Minutes of Air France Flight 447

The crash of Air France flight 447 from Rio to Paris last year is one of the most mysterious accidents in the history of aviation. After months of investigation, a clear picture has emerged of what went wrong. The reconstruction of the horrific final four minutes reveal continuing safety problems in civil aviation. Von Gerald Traufetter
25. Februar 2010, 16:17 Uhr
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