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Born out of a partnership between France and Germany four decades ago, Airbus has proven to be Europe's top competitor to American dominance in the aerospace industry. The company has high hopes pegged to its super-jumbo jet, the A380.

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Corrupt Egyptair Deal Suspicions of Bribery Cast Shadow Over Airbus

Leaked internal documents from Airbus suggest corruption may have been involved in the sale of several aircraft to Egyptair in 2003. The issues raised by the documents threaten to overshadow the planned departure of CEO Thomas Enders. Von Sven Becker, Michael Sontheimer und Gerald Traufetter
29. März 2019, 18:06 Uhr

Aerospace Turbulence Boeing's Unsuccessful Attempt to Avert a Crisis

Boeing has been the undisputed leader in the aviation market in recent years, with Airbus struggling to keep up. But the crashes of two Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft could invert the industry's pecking order. Von Dinah Deckstein, Martin U. Müller und Gerald Traufetter
15. März 2019, 23:25 Uhr

Airbus Corruption Scandal A Golden Handshake Worth 80 Million Euros

In the Airbus corruption scandal, CEO Airbus has pointed the finger at a Paris-based sales division. But according to information obtained by DER SPIEGEL, he authorized an 80-million-euro severance package for the former head of that division, Jean-Paul Gut. Von Rafael Buschmann, Jürgen Dahlkamp, Dinah Deckstein, Gunther Latsch, Jörg Schmitt und Gerald Traufetter
19. Oktober 2017, 18:23 Uhr

Cyber-Attack Warning Could Hackers Bring Down a Plane?

For years, hackers have been warning that passenger jets are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Airlines and plane manufacturers have largely ignored the risks, but recent events are leading German authorities and pilots to take the threats extremely seriously. Von Marcel Rosenbach und Gerald Traufetter
22. Mai 2015, 18:38 Uhr

Descent to Oblivion The Death Wish of a Germanwings Co-Pilot

The flight was routine, but it ended in disaster. On Tuesday, a Germanwings co-pilot apparently intentionally flew Flight 4U9525 into the ground, killing 149 people and himself. It is unlikely we will even know why he did. By SPIEGEL Staff
27. März 2015, 19:54 Uhr

Beinahe-Crash in Barcelona Russische Boeing kriegt die Kurve

Eine Boeing und ein Airbus auf Kollisionskurs: In Barcelona soll es fast zu einem Crash gekommen sein. In letzter Sekunde zog ein russischer Pilot seine Maschine hoch, um eine Katastrophe zu vermeiden. So wirkt es zumindest auf einem Amateurvideo.
7. Juli 2014, 21:23 Uhr

Third Time's a Charm Airbus Has Fewer Headaches with New A350 Jet

The new A350 from European airplane manufacturer Airbus is expected to go into service this year. The long-haul plane, which can carry up to 300 passengers, is experencing far fewer problems than the A380 or its Boeing competitor, the 787 Dreamliner. Von Marco Evers
5. Mai 2014, 17:56 Uhr

Bestellungen, Auslieferungen, Aufträge Airbus feiert Dreifach-Rekord 2013

Der europäische Flugzeughersteller Airbus hat für das vergangene Jahr eine ganze Reihe von Rekorden gemeldet: 2013 gab es für den Konzern so viele Neubestellungen, Gesamtaufträge und Auslieferungen wie noch nie. Der US-Konkurrent Boeing lieferte allerdings deutlich mehr Flugzeuge aus.
13. Januar 2014, 11:54 Uhr

Clipped Wings Berlin Struggles to Certify Military Plane

German Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière, in trouble over the costly cancellation of the Euro Hawk drone, faces a potentially even greater problem. Certification for the A400M military transport plane is behind schedule and plagued by legal pitfalls. Von Gerald Traufetter
22. Juli 2013, 18:15 Uhr

'Shards Bring Luck' EADS Searches for Strategy after Failed Merger

In October, German government officials blocked the merger of defense giants EADS and BAE Systems. The merger was a key part of EADS CEO Thomas Enders' strategy to rebalance the company's portfolio. In a SPIEGEL interview, Enders explains how the pan-European firm is picking up the pieces.
22. Januar 2013, 18:15 Uhr

Taking the Lead Boeing Soars Past Airbus in Deliveries

For the first time in a decade, Boeing has surpassed Airbus in deliveries of passenger jets. Experts blame strategic errors and the influence of politics at the US planemaker's European competitor. Von Maria Marquart
3. Januar 2013, 14:21 Uhr

Mega Defense Merger EADS-BAE Plans Put Merkel Under Pressure

The planned merger of British defense contractor BAE Systems with aircraft maker EADS is putting Germany's chancellor under pressure. If Merkel consents to the deal, she will jeopardize jobs in the high-tech industry. But if she refuses, she will endanger the future of the aerospace giant. By SPIEGEL Staff
18. September 2012, 13:58 Uhr

The Lessons of AF 447 Did Faulty Computer Indicator Reinforce Pilot Errors?

The pilots of Air France flight AF 447, which crashed into the Atlantic three years ago, ignored basic rules of flying, but were also misled by faulty computer indicators. Experts say pilots have become excessivley accustomed to automated flying and need to learn how to fly planes by hand. Von Gerald Traufetter
9. Juli 2012, 18:17 Uhr

Battling Boeing Airbus Plans to Open First Factory in America

European aviation giant Airbus appears set to announce plans to open a plant in Alabama. The move would enable the company to reduce costs and also compete more directly with Boeing in its home market. The aerospace firm already has top-notch American customers including Delta and US Airways.
28. Juni 2012, 12:12 Uhr

Weight Loss for Superjumbos The A380 and the Aviation Engineering Dilemma

To reduce fuel consumption, Airbus used extremely lightweight materials in its flagship A380. Now cracks have appeared in the wings, and repairs will cost the company hundreds of millions of euros. The problem highlights the engineering dilemma caused by the industry drive for fuel efficiency. Von Dinah Deckstein und Gerald Traufetter
21. März 2012, 17:23 Uhr

Expensive Checks Hairline Cracks Could Cost EADS 100 Million Euros

Last week, European aviation safety authorities ordered all Airbus A380s to be checked after hairline cracks were found in wing brackets. Now SPIEGEL has learned that the inspections and repairs could cost Airbus parent EADS up to 100 million euros -- over 1 million euros per plane.
13. Februar 2012, 12:43 Uhr