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Migrant Crime in Germany The Lost Sons of North Africa

Thousands of young men from North Africa come to Germany every year and many of them, like Samir, fall afoul of the law. Officials would like to accelerate the deportation process, but the criminals aren't welcome back home either. By SPIEGEL Staff
9. Juni 2017, 10:48 Uhr

Europe's Challenge A Terrorist Homeland in North Africa

Dozens of hostages have reportedly been killed after Algerian forces attempted a rescue operation at a natural gas complex overtaken by Islamist gunmen. The incident demonstrates the brutality and determination with which militant Islamists in North Africa operate, just a short plane ride south of European soil. Von Christoph Sydow
18. Januar 2013, 13:51 Uhr

Tanks in the Desert Germany Plans Extensive Arms Deal with Algeria

German arms sales to Algeria have increased dramatically in the last two years, SPIEGEL has learned. Whereas weapons manufacturers in Germany sold less than 20 million euros worth of materiel to Algeria in 2010, sales have jumped to almost 400 million in the two years since. Not all are pleased by the development.
12. November 2012, 12:39 Uhr

The Streets of the Revolution North Africa, One Year Later

Twelve months ago, a young man in Tunisia ignited himself and triggered a revolution that spread across northern Africa. A year later, correspondent Alexander Smoltczyk set out in a new series on a journey to assess the changes the tumultuous Maghreb region has undergone -- from Morocco to Egypt. Von Alexander Smoltczyk
22. Dezember 2011, 15:47 Uhr

More than 'Just a Game' Sport Turns into Ultimate Political Football

It's not often that sport becomes the stuff of diplomatic disputes. But two highly controversial World Cup qualifying matches have pushed football into the global headlines this week. Algeria and Egypt find themselves embroiled in a serious spat while the Irish government complained to Paris. Von Siobhán Dowling
20. November 2009, 14:39 Uhr

Green Gas Algeria's Experiment in Carbon Capture

A venture by Algeria's Sonatrach, the United Kingdom's BP, and Norway's Statoil to strip CO2 out of natural gas and store it underground could help cut emissions. Von Stanley Reed
17. Dezember 2008, 11:06 Uhr

Violence in the Maghreb Al-Qaida Claims Responsibility for Algeria Attacks

The northern African arm of Al-Qaida is claiming responsibility for Wednesday's terror attacks in Algeria that left 24 dead and 160 injured. Meanwhile, police are continuing to search for members of a terror cell in Casablanca one day after a raid in the Moroccan city led to the death of four militants and one police officer.
11. April 2007, 14:41 Uhr
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