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AfD Campaign Finance Trouble A Right-Wing Populist Slush Fund Exposed

The right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany is already embroiled in a campaign donation scandal. But documents obtained by DER SPIEGEL show that more trouble could be on the horizon due to a murky slush fund used in the party's early days. Von Sven Becker, Ann-Katrin Müller und Sven Röbel
29. November 2019, 19:05 Uhr

Brandenburg Elections Leading German Populist Has Extremist Background

The right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD) insists that it has nothing to do with neo-Nazis. But its lead candidate in the state of Brandenburg, where voters will cast their ballots on Sunday, has deep extremist roots. Von Maik Baumgärtner, Giorgos Christides, Matthias Gebauer, Ann-Katrin Müller und Christoph Schult
30. August 2019, 16:20 Uhr

Far-Right AfD Germany's Populist Party Embraces Its Extremist Wing

The far-right fringe of Germany's populist Alternative for Germany party is gaining ground. Politicians in the party who once opposed the wing and its leader, Björn Höcke, have abandoned their resistance and are taking steps to embrace the extremists. Von Melanie Amann und Ann-Katrin Müller
12. Juli 2019, 19:16 Uhr

The AfD Dilemma Germany Struggles to Find Right Approach to Populists

With the AfD now holding seats in every state parliament and in the federal parliament in Berlin, churches, unions and other organizations across Germany are wrestling with a tough question: Is it better to kick the populists out or to try to integrate them? By DER SPIEGEL Staff
9. Mai 2019, 16:48 Uhr

The Anti-Environment Party AfD Hopes to Win Votes by Opposing Climate Protection

German populists are adopting climate change denialism as a new campaign strategy. The far-right Alternative for Germany party has begun directing its unscientific claims at global warming activists like 16-year-old Greta Thunberg and says it wants to be the party that "saves diesel." Von Vera Deleja-Hotko, Ann-Katrin Müller und Gerald Traufetter
6. Mai 2019, 12:22 Uhr

Facebook Frenzy How the German Right Wing Dominates Social Media

A comprehensive analysis has revealed the degree to which German right-wing populists from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party are dominating the social media landscape. They might be getting help from abroad. Von Jörg Diehl, Roman Lehberger, Ann-Katrin Müller und Philipp Seibt
29. April 2019, 14:31 Uhr

'Absolutely Controlled MP' Documents Link AfD Parliamentarian To Moscow

Russian government emails show evidence of how Moscow is seeking to exploit the Alternative for Germany party in its propaganda war. The right-wing populists appear to be voluntary accomplices -- and a member of the federal parliament is at the center of the scandal. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
12. April 2019, 10:48 Uhr

The Merkel Stain Chancellor Unwelcome in Upcoming Campaigns

Chancellor Angela Merkel may still be the most popular politician in Germany. But with state elections looming this year in eastern Germany, she is not a welcome guest on the campaign trail. She remains persona non grata in the east.
21. Februar 2019, 16:31 Uhr

The Year of Populism Europe's Right Wing Takes Aim at the EU

Right-wing populist parties in Europe have been gaining strength for years. Now, they hope to use European Parliament elections in May as a springboard for gaining greater influence in the EU. Surveys indicate they may be successful. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
4. Januar 2019, 18:09 Uhr

Golden Age A Billionaire Backer and the Murky Finances of the AfD

All eyes are on the AfD's finances following reports of large donations from Switzerland and Holland. Now, reporting has revealed that the right-wing party has enjoyed big-money support from the very beginning. Von Melanie Amann, Sven Becker und Sven Röbel
30. November 2018, 12:23 Uhr

Alternative Funding Donation Scandal Hits German Right-Wing Populists

The right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany has long crowed that it is different than the "cartel parties." Now, though, it has been rocked by a far-reaching donation scandal. Party leadership may soon see a shake-up. Von Melanie Amann, Laura Backes, Sven Becker und Sven Röbel
19. November 2018, 13:47 Uhr

Merkel's Bavaria Headache Berlin Coalition Emerges Even Weaker

It was an historic defeat for both the center-right Christian Social Union and the center-left Social Democrats. The aftershocks of the state election in Bavaria are likely to reach all the way to Berlin, with Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition even more wobbly that it was. Von Christian Teevs
15. Oktober 2018, 13:44 Uhr

Right-Wing Unpopulists Germany's AfD Struggling to Find Staffers in Berlin

The Alternative for Germany managed to make its way into German parliament. But now, the right-wing populists are struggling to find experienced staffers willing to work for them. The party has turned to headhunters and "bounties" to fill the gap. Von Veit Medick, Benedikt Becker und Melanie Amann
27. Oktober 2017, 18:33 Uhr