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Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel broke through the ranks of male-dominated German politics when she was elected chancellor in 2005, leading the Christian Democrats back to power and becoming the first political star from eastern Germany after reunification. Supporters call her style even and deliberate, while critics claim she's prone to indecision.

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Hunkering Down Germany Is Shirking Its EU Responsibilities

Germany used to be passionately pro-European, with the EU facilitating the country's postwar return to the international community. These days? Not so much. And Berlin's passivity is becoming dangerous. Von Dirk Kurbjuweit
22. November 2019, 18:19 Uhr

War Games German Syria Proposal a Risk for Merkel Ally

By proposing a security zone in northern Syria, Germany's defense minister has irked important allies in Berlin and taken international partners by surprise. It is a risky move and could determine whether she will succeed Merkel as chancellor. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
28. Oktober 2019, 18:29 Uhr

Alarming Message Germany Seeks to Limit EU Budget Contribution

As negotiations for the future EU budget heat up, Germany has angered some member states by demanding that the money available to Brussels not exceed 1 percent of the bloc's GDP. But Berlin has some allies. Von Peter Müller und Christian Reiermann
20. September 2019, 18:08 Uhr

Complacent No More It's Time for Germany to Step Up

The days in which Germany can afford to be complacent are over. Europe's largest economy needs to finally accept that it's too big and important to simply sit on the sidelines. It needs to invest, innovate -- and above all, lead. Von Mathieu von Rohr
27. August 2019, 13:54 Uhr

Merkel's Summer Reading 'We're Fascinated By the Tyrant'

Angela Merkel was recently spotted on vacation reading "Tyrant" by Stephen Greenblatt. Was the German chancellor sending a hidden message by reading the book, which has been widely interpreted as being critical of Donald Trump? We asked the author. Von Susanne Beyer
26. August 2019, 15:55 Uhr

Radio Silence German-U.S. Ties Are Breaking Down

Never since the founding of postwar Germany have relations between Berlin and the United States been as fragile as they are today. There is virtual radio silence between Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump and U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell is doing more to agitate the situation than to mediate. Von Matthias Gebauer, Christiane Hoffmann, René Pfister und Gerald Traufetter
21. August 2019, 12:38 Uhr

Commission President Merkel and Macron at Odds over New EU Leader

After disagreements over Brexit, the Nord Stream pipeline and Eurozone reforms, the relationship between France and Germany has grown tenser. Now, another conflict is brewing: Who should become president of the European Commission? Von Julia Amalia Heyer, Christiane Hoffmann, Peter Müller und Britta Sandberg
31. Mai 2019, 18:02 Uhr

A Dim View of the World Will Merkel Be Followed by Darkness?

As the end of her tenure approaches, Angela Merkel has a view of the world that couldn't be much grimmer. She sees the pillars of the world order collapsing and yet, strangely, she doesn't seem to be doing much about it. Von René Pfister
28. Mai 2019, 11:52 Uhr

Brexit Forever European Leaders Buy Time to Keep Bickering

This week's compromise between London and Brussels to delay the UK's exit from the European Union defused a potentially explosive situation. Now everyone can go back to pretending like they have things under control. Von Peter Müller und Jörg Schindler
12. April 2019, 18:40 Uhr

Chancellor Speculation Merkel May Be in Office Longer Than You Think

Angela Merkel has led the current grand coalition government in Berlin for a year now. There has been considerable speculation recently that she may not last through her fourth term. But there is more to suggest she will remain in office than step down. Von Florian Gathmann
15. März 2019, 16:19 Uhr

The Merkel Stain Chancellor Unwelcome in Upcoming Campaigns

Chancellor Angela Merkel may still be the most popular politician in Germany. But with state elections looming this year in eastern Germany, she is not a welcome guest on the campaign trail. She remains persona non grata in the east.
21. Februar 2019, 16:31 Uhr

Franco-German Fragility Crisis Smolders Between Berlin and Paris

France and Germany have officially put aside their differences and renewed their landmark friendship accord, the Élysée Treaty. But their convergence only came after much bickering -- and a secret supplementary agreement. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
21. Februar 2019, 16:06 Uhr

Archive Debate Angela Merkel Quits Facebook -- And Raises Concerns

Angela Merkel's decision to take her Facebook account, with its 2.5 million followers, offline has baffled some members of the German government and raised questions about whether her decision will obscure an important part of the historical record. Von Melanie Amann, Roman Höfner und Martin Knobbe
8. Februar 2019, 18:00 Uhr

Kramp-Karrenbauer's Win Rough Road Ahead for the Merkel Dynasty

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wanted to hand over the leadership of the Christian Democratic Union to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and on Friday she got her wish. But the party is deeply divided and keeping the CDU together is task No. 1. Von René Pfister
10. Dezember 2018, 14:37 Uhr

A New Start for Germany Time for Merkel to Say Goodbye

Angela Merkel recently announced she would step down as chair of the Christian Democratic Union but would remain chancellor. The decision doesn't go far enough. It is time to let Germany make a new start. Von Dirk Kurbjuweit
8. November 2018, 12:33 Uhr

After Angela The Beginning of the Post-Merkel Era

Angela Merkel's recent announcement that she would step down as the chair of the Christian Democratic Union has opened up a race for power that could define the future of the conservative party and the country. New elections could be next. Von Melanie Amann, Markus Feldenkirchen und Ralf Neukirch
8. November 2018, 12:30 Uhr