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A Monkey on Their Back German Carmakers Have Lost All Moral Standing

The scandal over exhaust experiments on monkeys shows just how unscrupulous Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler are when it comes to manipulating the public. Anything goes when it comes to diverting attention from the dangers inherent in diesel. Von Frank Dohmen, Veronika Hackenbroch, Simon Hage, Nils Klawitter, Hannah Knuth und Gerald Traufetter
2. Februar 2018, 20:28 Uhr

Jane Goodall Interview 'Even Chimps Understand Sustainability'

Jane Goodall spent years observing chimpanzees in the wild. She discovered that the animals can commit murder and wage war. As an environmentalist, the British activist now spends more time observing humans -- and says she still has hope for humanity. Von Philip Bethge und Johann Grolle
7. Oktober 2015, 17:02 Uhr

Kidnapped in Mozambique In the Clutches of Rhino Poachers

We traveled to Mozambique to report a story about the region's destructive and illegal trade in rhinoceros horns. But when photographer Toby Selander and I were taken captive by poachers, we found ourselves staring death in the face. Von Bartholomäus Grill
12. März 2015, 11:31 Uhr

UN Backtracks Will Global Warming Really Trigger Mass Extinctions?

In 2007, the IPCC predicted that rising global temperatures would kill off many species. But in its new report, part of which will be presented next Monday, the UN climate change body backtracks. There is a shortage of evidence, a draft version claims. Von Axel Bojanowski
26. März 2014, 10:34 Uhr

Crying Wolf Saxon Hunters Say Predators a Danger

Hunters believe wolves may have caused a serious accident in the state of Saxony in December. They claim the animals, which have been repopulating Germany over the past decade after a 150-year absence, are increasingly feared by the local community. Von Steffen Winter
5. Februar 2014, 17:13 Uhr

Deceptive Labeling Brussels Plans Tougher Organic Food Rules

The European Commission plans to tighten rules on the booming organic food sector due to concerns that many products aren't as pure as claimed. More rigorous checks are needed and loopholes must be removed, says a draft paper seen by SPIEGEL. Von Christoph Schult
14. Januar 2014, 17:15 Uhr

Britain's Luftwoofe The Heroic Paradogs of World War II

As they prepared for D-Day and the fight against Nazi Germany, the 13th Parachute Battalion of the British Army developed a new weapon: parachuting dogs. One heroic hound would even earn a medal for his service. Von Lazar Backovic
17. Dezember 2013, 17:17 Uhr

'Poop and Pooches' New Magazine Appeals to Dog Haters

Feces in the sandbox, barking all night, the fear of being bitten: There are many reasons not to like dogs. Now one journalist from Hamburg is trying to raise money to launch a magazine to finally give dog haters a voice. Von Benjamin Schulz
8. November 2013, 11:45 Uhr

Hunting for Corpses Vultures Lured Back to Germany

Vultures are slowly returning to Germany, driven out long ago by an unwelcoming populace. At the behest of conservationists, loosened "carcass regulations" in Europe have made the search for food less daunting -- but some still wonder if the birds will be able to survive. Von Philip Bethge
1. November 2013, 15:43 Uhr

Europe Gone Wild Back to Nature on the Continent

Conservationists want to turn parts of Europe back into wilderness, teeming with wild horses, lynxes and native bison. But there are varying interpretations of what "wilderness" means and conflict over how much it should be managed. Von Manfred Dworschak
24. Oktober 2013, 15:17 Uhr

Factory Farming The True Price of a Pork Chop

Germany slaughters 58 million pigs a year and has built an efficient meat industry second only to the US in pork exports. Its optimized breeding, feeding and killing system churns out wondrously cheap cutlets -- but at a hidden cost to the environment and our health. Von Susanne Amann, Michael Fröhlingsdorf und Udo Ludwig
23. Oktober 2013, 17:18 Uhr

Ethical Farming Germany Ponders the Super Chicken

Every year, millions of male chicks are discarded because of the demands of industrial chicken farming. Now a German company has engineered a new breed that could solve the problem -- but it comes with drawbacks of its own. Von Michael Fröhlingsdorf
16. Oktober 2013, 13:05 Uhr

Rust and Ruin The Downfall of Antarctic Whaling

At the beginning of the last century, dozens of companies set up whaling operations near Antarctica. After several highly profitable decades, however, they eventually became victims of new technology and their own success. Their ghost towns tell the story. Von Lazar Backovic
8. Oktober 2013, 15:44 Uhr

Flipper Fail Dolphins May be Dumber Than We Think

For decades, it's been common knowledge that dolphins are among the world's smartest species. Now some researchers -- and a new book -- argue the supposed underwater geniuses aren't so special after all. Von Philip Bethge
27. September 2013, 13:49 Uhr

Rookie Rodents Dutch Police Train Rats to Sniff Out Crime

Police in the Netherlands are hoping to save money by training rats to sniff out things like drugs and gunshot residue. The animals are cheaper and faster than traditional lab work -- and they're very accurate. Von Benjamin Dürr
16. September 2013, 13:30 Uhr