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Head-On Collision Photography Legends Test Drive Google Glass

Elliot Erwitt and Bruce Gilden are street photography legends who use Leica cameras and black and white film as their weapons of choice. When they meet Google Glass for the first time, it feels like a head-on collision between old masters and new technology. Von Matthias Krug und Hilmar Schmundt
20. Januar 2015, 17:20 Uhr

Bad Fit Why Germany Doesn't Cut It in International Fashion

Berlin Fashion Week is underway, but A-listers are keeping their distance. The event has failed to put the German capital on the clothing map. A closer look at the career trajectory of designer Kostas Murkudis provides some insight into the reasons why. Von Mareike Nieberding
8. Juli 2014, 18:06 Uhr

Bach to the Future Fans Want to Rebuild Composer's House

In the city of Goethe and Schiller, classical music fans want another famous former resident to be honored in Weimar. They're seeking to rebuild the home of Johann Sebastian Bach, who composed some of his most important works in the city. Von Karoline Kuhla
3. April 2014, 15:17 Uhr

Literary Sensation The Rise of a Danish Immigrant Poet

Since his rise to fame, Islamists have threatened to kill 18-year-old Danish poet Yahya Hassan. They are angered by the portrayals in his writing of his immigrant family background, which he describes as backwards, hypocritical and blinded by religion. Von Tobias Rapp
14. März 2014, 17:43 Uhr

Monuments Men The Soldiers Who Saved Europe's Art from Hitler

The story of a special Allied unit dubbed the "Monuments Men" has inspired a Hollywood film set to premier early next year. But who were these men who saved countless European cultural treasures from being lost or destroyed by Nazi forces? Von Yvonne Schymura
5. Dezember 2013, 17:48 Uhr

Return of the B-Boy Breakdancing Sees Global Resurgence

Breakdancing, an artform invented by New York street gangs in the 1980s, is seeing a renaissance on a global scale. Today's battles may be big-budget spectacles with flashy acrobatics, but they still prize one thing above all else: style. Von Lukas Eberle
3. Dezember 2013, 17:16 Uhr

Hooked on Tagging When Graffiti Becomes a Dangerous Addiction

Two young Hamburg graffiti artists recently suffered serious accidents in the space of just four days. Both sustained very severe injuries, a typical outcome in a risk-taking subculture in which some have paid for their passion with their lives. Von Bruno Schrep
3. Dezember 2013, 13:42 Uhr

The Poet-Photographer Jewish Museum Showcases Work of Fred Stein

You might not know the man behind them, but you surely know his images. Fred Stein fled Germany and became a talented photographer of both street scenes and the famous. His first major German retrospective opens Friday at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Von Kaspar Heinrich
19. November 2013, 17:36 Uhr

Ready for Takeoff A New Panoramic Camera Ball

Designed by a Berlin-based inventor, a new camera ball takes panoramic shots when thrown into the air. The Panono's 36 cameras capture everything in every direction, but image quality remains an issue. Von Hilmar Schmundt
15. November 2013, 13:49 Uhr

Polanski on Polanski The Director Discusses His Life Tragedies

Roman Polanski turned 80 in August, and his new film "Venus in Fur" will be released this month. He discusses his childhood in the Krakow ghetto, the murder of his wife Sharon Tate and his abuse of a 13-year-old girl in 1977. "We all just tried to forget about it," he says. Von Philipp Oehmke und Martin Wolf
12. November 2013, 18:31 Uhr

Hair Apparent World Beard Competition Crowns Winners

Held in Germany this year, the 2013 World Moustache and Beard Championships featured extravagant facial hair in 18 different categories, including "Full Beard Garibaldi" and "Goatee Fu Manchu."
4. November 2013, 16:14 Uhr

Nazi Plunder 1,500 Modern Artworks Found in Munich Flat

The spectacular discovery of modernist masterpieces in a squalid Munich apartment is the latest twist in a story that began almost 80 years ago. Many of the works appear to be among those confiscated by the Nazis as "degenerate art," and it remains unclear what will become of them.
4. November 2013, 15:41 Uhr

MoMA Retrospective The Strange Brilliance of Isa Genzken

One of the most important artists of her generation, sculptor Isa Genzken's works of cryptic, haunting beauty sprang from a life fraught with addiction, mental illness and a grisly family history. Now, the Museum of Modern Art in New York is paying tribute to the Berlin artist with a retrospective. Von Ulrike Knöfel
25. Oktober 2013, 19:45 Uhr