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Geneva Nuclear Talks Iran Bets on Easing of Sanctions

The next round of talks on Iran's nuclear program kicks off Tuesday in Geneva. But unless Tehran offers up credible concessions, the recent trickle of goodwill could quickly run dry. Von Matthias Gebauer und Gregor Peter Schmitz
15. Oktober 2013, 16:23 Uhr

Iran Nuclear Talks Europe's Unsung Chief Diplomat

The European Union's foreign policy apparatus is often written off as trivial. But its leader, Catherine Ashton, is the one whose tenacious diplomacy has brought the West and Iran back to the table to negotiate Tehran's nuclear program and related sanctions. Von Gregor Peter Schmitz und Christoph Schult
1. Oktober 2013, 13:34 Uhr

Wahlen in Simbabwe Weltweite Zweifel an Mugabes Sieg

Simbabwes umstrittener Präsident Robert Mugabe will einen überwältigenden Wahlsieg errungen haben. Daran zweifeln nicht nur seine politischen Gegner. Auch die USA, die EU und die Vereinten Nationen fordern eine genaue Untersuchung.
4. August 2013, 07:29 Uhr

Anger in Israel EU Issues Disputed Settlement Guidelines

Israel has been protesting all week, but to no avail. On Friday, the EU issued new guidelines prohibiting bloc money from going to Israeli institutions operating in the settlements. President Peres warned the measure could "cause a crisis."
19. Juli 2013, 14:51 Uhr

Uniquely Poor Management Report Skewers Top EU Diplomat Ashton

Catherine Ashton, Europe's top diplomat, has failed to provide the clout her office requires, a report by the European Parliament has concluded. Her successors are already jockeying for a position in the race to snag the EU's most important foreign policy post. Von Christoph Schult
23. April 2013, 17:37 Uhr

European Union Foreign Policy Walking the Thin Line with Catherine Ashton

The EU's new top diplomat Catherine Ashton has only been in office for 100 days, but she is already running into stiff criticism. Her detractors claim she doesn't have enough dedication, stature or independence. But the EU's leaders chose her precisely because she lacked those qualities. Von Walter Mayr
8. März 2010, 17:42 Uhr

Europe's Safe Choice The Technocrats at the Top of the EU

Europe's leaders have chosen two competent but dull technocrats to be the EU's first president and foreign minister. The uninspired choice shows the determination of national leaders to hold on to power -- and the limits of what is currently possible within the bloc. Von Hans Hoyng und Hans-Jürgen Schlamp
23. November 2009, 08:36 Uhr

New EU President and Foreign Minister Europe Chooses Nobodies

Europe's leaders are relieved that the wrangling over the EU's new positions of president and foreign minister is finally over. But they have no reason to be proud. Once again, the EU has missed an opportunity to boost its standing on the global stage. Von Carsten Volkery
20. November 2009, 09:05 Uhr
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