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Chilly Peace German-Russian Relations Enter a New Ice Age

Relations between Germany and Russia appear to be approaching a new ice age. Berlin is more dependent on Moscow than ever before, but Merkel has little trust in newly re-elected President Vladimir Putin. She would like to strengthen the opposition. Von Ralf Neukirch und Matthias Schepp
30. Mai 2012, 10:10 Uhr

The Counterrevolutionary Putin Returns to the Kremlin

Mass arrests of protesters over the weekend signal tough times ahead for Russia. Vladimir Putin's inauguration for his third term as president on Monday heralds the rollback of meager reforms made by his predecessor Dmitry Medvedev. Instead of expanding freedoms in the country, Putin has been vaguely refining his Potemkin democracy. Von Matthias Schepp
7. Mai 2012, 16:18 Uhr

Shadow Economy and Media Control Russians Fed Up With Putin's Manipulations

With Russia set to vote on Sunday, SPIEGEL continues to explore the atmosphere in the country in part two of its preelection coverage. Vladimir Putin looks set to win the presidency, but residents are growing increasingly resistant to corruption and media control. Von Walter Mayr, Christian Neef und Matthias Schepp
2. März 2012, 17:17 Uhr

Crunch Election for Putin A Divided Russia Goes to the Polls

Vladimir Putin plans to win a third term as Russian president in Sunday's election. But he has been weakened by the anti-government protests that have broken out in recent months, and many Russians believe he lacks a vision for the country. Is Russia on the brink of radical change? Von Walter Mayr, Christian Neef und Matthias Schepp
1. März 2012, 15:19 Uhr

'I, Putin' An Inside Look at Russia's Aging, Lonely Leader

The world is used to macho images of Vladimir Putin hunting bears, harpooning whales or fly-fishing. A German documentary filmmaker was recently granted unprecedented access to the Russian prime minister. And he found a lonely, aging and surprisingly likeable man. Von Markus Brauck und Matthias Schepp
24. Februar 2012, 13:00 Uhr

Oligarch's Election Bid Tycoon Prokhorov's Tentative Challenge to Putin

Some see Russian presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov, one of the world's richest men, as a Kremlin puppet, even though he has supporters among the Moscow protesters and oligarchs tired of Vladimir Putin. But he is challenging Putin in the campaign by calling for more privatization and less government. Von Matthias Schepp
31. Januar 2012, 17:31 Uhr

The Web vs. Putin Taking on Russia's Old Guard with New Technology

The disputed elections in Russia have unleashed a wave of rage and sparked the largest anti-government protests since the end of the Soviet Union, organized via the Internet. The Kremlin seems powerless to stop the online activists as Russians lose their fear. For the first time, Vladimir Putin seems vulnerable. Von Benjamin Bidder, Christian Neef und Matthias Schepp
12. Dezember 2011, 15:35 Uhr

The World from Berlin Vladimir Putin's Russia 'Is Decaying'

Russian Prime Minister cum president Vladimir Putin had his wings clipped by the Sunday parliamentary elections, despite apparent efforts to manipulate the vote. He may now be forced to inject more democracy into his rule, but some German commentators say critics should be careful what they wish for.
6. Dezember 2011, 15:35 Uhr

Missile Defense Spat A New Arms Race Looms between Russia and US

The US and Russia intended to "reset" their relations under US President Barack Obama. Instead, however, the two countries continue to squabble over the planned missile shield, which Washington insists is to protect against attack from Iran. The debate shows signs of turning into a new arms race. Von Matthias Schepp
6. Dezember 2011, 14:06 Uhr

A Disappointing Landslide Poor Election Showing Weakens Putin

It may have won by a huge margin, but the results of Sunday's Duma election in Russia are still disappointing for Vladimir Putin's United Russia. The party won just under half of the vote, a massive decline compared to the 2007 election. The result reveals growing discontent with Putin among the Russian population. Von Benjamin Bidder
5. Dezember 2011, 08:47 Uhr

Russian Election The Kremlin's Dangerous Flirtation with Nationalism

Ahead of Russia's parliamentary elections on Sunday, the pro-Kremlin parties are using nationalist rhetoric in a bid to exploit growing right-wing sentiment in the country. But it's a dangerous game. If the far right gets stronger, it could pose a threat to Vladimir Putin. Von Benjamin Bidder und Matthias Schepp
1. Dezember 2011, 15:27 Uhr

The Puppet President Medvedev's Betrayal of Russian Democracy

Dmitry Medvedev shocked Russians with his announcement that he was ceding the presidency back to Vladimir Putin. It is now clear that Medvedev was never more than a placeholder for his mentor, and his supposed plans to modernize Russia were little more than empty soundbites. Indeed, Medvedev may have damaged the country even more than Putin has. Von Christian Neef und Matthias Schepp
4. Oktober 2011, 15:51 Uhr

Holy Vladimir, Pray for Us A Russian Sect Honors Putin as a Saint

Mother Fotina once led a "Center for Cosmo-Energetic Medicine," and now she prays to Vladimir Putin. Her sect, in a village east of Moscow, honors Russia's once and future president as a reincarnation of St. Paul. The group represents a rising trend in Russia, but its origins are surprisingly mundane. Von Benjamin Bidder
29. September 2011, 17:51 Uhr

Kremlin Comeback Prince Putin Reigns Supreme in 'Putlandia'

Welcome to Putlandia, where the president and prime minister swap jobs at will, where the constitution is an empty shell and all power rests with Vladimir Putin. The deal between him and President Dmitry Medvedev is a farce. The proud Russian nation resembles a modern grand duchy. Von Benjamin Bidder
26. September 2011, 13:41 Uhr

The World from Berlin 'Good for Putin, Bad for Russia'

Few were surprised on Saturday when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev nominated his predecessor Vladimir Putin to become his successor as well. Fewer still were impressed. German commentators say the move does not bode well for Russia.
26. September 2011, 13:10 Uhr

Putin Clings to Power Kremlin Favors Manipulation as Election Strategy

The Kremlin-backed United Russia party is getting ready for the final phase of campaigning ahead of December's parliamentary election. But allegations of manipulation are likely to overshadow Friday's party convention. Critics accuse Vladimir Putin of stifling democracy to ensure he and his cronies stay in power. Von Matthias Schepp
22. September 2011, 15:44 Uhr