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Paris Soloist Macron Plays Fox in the EU Hen House

French President Emmanuel Macron has a grand foreign policy vision for Europe and he has been energetically pushing it forward. In the process, though, he has angered Germany and other European Union allies. Von Christiane Hoffmann, Peter Müller, Britta Sandberg und Christoph Schult
15. November 2019, 18:42 Uhr

Our Lady The Profound Lesson of the Notre Dame Fire

As the flames shot out of the roof of Notre Dame de Paris on Monday evening, a global community of concern quickly formed. It shows that the idea of cultural heritage is much more than just a UNESCO list. Von Ullrich Fichtner
19. April 2019, 18:02 Uhr

Increasing Anti-Semitism Macron Struggles to Contain Rising Hate Crimes

Amid a stunning increase in anti-Semitic violence in the past year, France is debating whether the yellow vest protests are to blame. President Emmanuel Macron is trying to tackle the problem, but hatred and indignation are rampant in the country. Von Julia Amalia Heyer
26. Februar 2019, 11:19 Uhr

Franco-German Fragility Crisis Smolders Between Berlin and Paris

France and Germany have officially put aside their differences and renewed their landmark friendship accord, the Élysée Treaty. But their convergence only came after much bickering -- and a secret supplementary agreement. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
21. Februar 2019, 16:06 Uhr

Yellow Vests Protests If Macron Fails, Europe Fails

French President Emmanuel Macron has tried to calm protesters by raising the minimum wage, among other concessions. But if the yellow vests continue eroding his authority, it's not just France that will suffer. And Germany is partly at fault. Von Henrik Enderlein
17. Dezember 2018, 17:59 Uhr

French Protests Macron's Ghosts Return To Haunt Him

The protests by the yellow vests against French President Emmanuel Macron aren't showing any signs of letting up despite concessions made by the government. Where is this anger coming from? Von Julia Amalia Heyer und Katrin Kuntz
10. Dezember 2018, 18:17 Uhr

French Finance Minister 'Good News that Merkel Has Now Reacted'

In an interview with DER SPIEGEL, French Finance Minister Bruno La Maire, 49, demands that eurozone reform be pushed forward quickly. Otherwise, he fears, Europe won't be able to stand up to U.S. President Donald Trump. Von Christian Reiermann und Peter Müller
15. Juni 2018, 18:57 Uhr

From Paris with Love Inside Macron's Bromance with Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to the U.S. put his affection for President Donald Trump on full display. The trip was good for the Macron brand and it didn't hurt Trump either. But are there any benefits for the rest of the world? Von Julia Amalia Heyer
27. April 2018, 20:40 Uhr

Interview with Emmanuel Macron 'We Need to Develop Political Heroism'

In a DER SPIEGEL interview, French President Emmanuel Macron talks about his first months in office, elaborates on his plans for Europe and discusses his developing relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Von Klaus Brinkbäumer, Julia Amalia Heyer und Britta Sandberg
13. Oktober 2017, 18:13 Uhr

France, Germany and the EU The European Motor Sputters to Life

Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Emmanuel Macron hope to reinvigorate the Franco-German partnership. Yet even as military cooperation moves forward, the two countries are still far apart on eurozone reforms. Von Peter Müller und Christian Reiermann
10. Juli 2017, 17:50 Uhr