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Interview with Germany's Consumer Protection Minister 'Google Cannot Allow Itself to Make any Further Mistakes'

Of course Ilse Aigner googles. The German consumer protection minister, who has recently been one of the most vocal critics of Internet giant Google, is also a user of its services. In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, Aigner discusses her problems with Street View, the government's plans to regulate geodata and the threat she sees if rules aren't put in place for such services.
19. August 2010, 16:43 Uhr

Warning Shot for Social Network German Minister Launches Attack on Facebook

Plans by Facebook to provide personal data to third parties without asking users for permission are being criticized by a prominent member of the German government. In an open letter to the social networking giant's CEO, Consumer Protection Minister Ilse Aigner threatens to delete her profile if the California company doesn't do more to protect its members' privacy. Von Sebastian Fischer
5. April 2010, 12:59 Uhr

Taking on the Internet Giants Germany Applies Brakes to Google & Co.

The German government has discovered the Internet and data privacy as a political issue. The new debate over who should control the online world reveals a clash of two cultures, with the American ideal of freedom contrasting with the European desire for privacy. By SPIEGEL staff.
11. März 2010, 15:59 Uhr

Who Gets EU Agriculture Subsidies? German Minister Blocking Push for Transparency

German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner doesn't want to follow an EU directive requiring member states to publish how much individual farmers receive in subsidies. She claims it is a matter of privacy, but some suspect Aigner is aiming to secure votes for her party in the European Parliament. Von Hans-Jürgen Schlamp
27. April 2009, 17:33 Uhr

The World from Berlin Frankenfood Ban Is 'Neither Populism nor Panic-Mongering'

A German ban on genetically modified corn has found broad support in the German public, and protests against a patent on a strain of pig made headlines on Wednesday. German commentators wonder if this is just European technophobia or whether genes are a natural resource which no patent should restrain.
16. April 2009, 13:58 Uhr

The World From Berlin 'There Was No Reason to Accept The Risks of GM Corn'

The German government's decision to ban the cultivation of genetically modified corn has been welcomed by most media commentators in Germany as an overdue step in response to fears that it poses unforeseeable risks. One paper, however, scoffs that "progress has become a dirty word" in Germany.
15. April 2009, 15:34 Uhr
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