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Prostitution in Sicily The Good Sister of Highway SS385

Many women who flee Nigeria for Europe fall into the clutches of human traffickers and are forced to work as prostitutes. A road in Sicily has become a symbol of their plight, and a local nun is trying to help them. By Maria Stöhr and Maria Feck (Photos) in Sicily
29. Januar 2020, 17:11 Uhr

A .38-Caliber Rosary The Dangerous New Face of Salvini's Italy

Shots fired at foreigners, assaults on minorities, neo-fascist marches: Italy's extreme right wing feels emboldened by the country's new leadership. Many are pointing fingers at Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. But is he to blame? Von Walter Mayr
12. Dezember 2018, 13:55 Uhr

Distressed Are Ships in the Med Ignoring Refugees in Distress?

Migrants are still trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean. But ever since Italy has closed its ports to ships that have saved refugees from the waves, there are indications that some captains have grown more willing to sail on by without helping. Von Raphael Thelen
21. November 2018, 16:46 Uhr

Weaponized Debt Italy Doubles Down on Threat to Euro Stability

Fears are growing that the euro crisis may soon return. Italy could spark a chain reaction if it doesn't yield to the European Union's demand that it rein in its planned deficit spending. Concern is rising in Brussels and on the financial markets. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
1. November 2018, 15:25 Uhr

Untethered in Italy Salvini Pushes Country to the Precipice

With the approval of his partners in government, Italy's Matteo Salvini is lambasting the EU, foreigners and the press while at the same time quoting a fascist dictator. A tragedy with potentially wide-reaching consequences is unfolding at the heart of Europe. Von Walter Mayr
16. Oktober 2018, 15:38 Uhr

'We Cannot Be Stopped' Merkel's Toughest Adversary in Europe

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is a populist and a firebrand, but also a fearless tactician. His hardline approach to migration threatens not only Angela Merkel's tenure as chancellor, but also the entire EU. Von Walter Mayr
27. Juni 2018, 10:38 Uhr

Fixing the Euro The Time to Act Is Now

Italy can only manage its current crisis with German help. And Germany needs Italy to keep Europe stable. While there is no simple solution, a new form of assistance could help. Von Henrik Enderlein
6. Juni 2018, 10:44 Uhr

Crisis Redux Italy Sends a Jolt Through Europe

Euro-skeptic Italian populists are posing a serious threat to the European Union. Following the drama over Greece and Brexit, the political situation in Rome could throw Europe into its next major existential crisis. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
1. Juni 2018, 18:37 Uhr

ECB Vice President Constâncio 'Italy Knows the Rules'

In an interview, outgoing European Central Bank Vice President Vítor Constâncio issues a timely reminder that ECB assistance is tied to conditions, but insists the eurozone is in good shape despite the problems in Italy. Von Henning Jauernig und Stefan Kaiser
29. Mai 2018, 12:42 Uhr

Paradise Looted How Sicily Became Ungovernable

Italy's poorest region, Sicily, is the country's problem child. Now it has elected a new government. To fix the island, it will have to overcome corruption and widespread Mafia control - and figure out how to convince its population not to leave. Von Walter Mayr
10. November 2017, 17:54 Uhr

The Deadly Mediterranean Route EU Seeks to Ward Off New Refugee Crisis

The number of migrants crossing the dangerous Mediterranean route has risen significantly since the beginning of the year. European officials fear the situation could further deteriorate. So far, though, Brussels hasn't been able to agree on a solution. Von Christiane Hoffmann, Walter Mayr, Peter Müller, Christoph Schult und Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt
4. Mai 2017, 19:26 Uhr