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Women at Work Syrian Refugees Find Meaningful Jobs in Jordan

Whether it's unclogging pipes or sewing pillowcases for a multinational furniture giant, some of the hundreds of thousands of Syrian women who have fled to Jordan in recent years are going to great lengths to make ends meet. Von Christoph Sydow und Philipp Breu
10. Dezember 2019, 12:42 Uhr

Arabic LGBT Magazine Breaking Taboos in the Middle East

Many in the Middle East view homosexuality as a sin. The Jordanian Khalid Abdel-Hadi started an Arabic LGBT magazine as a teenager to combat the many taboos and stereotypes in the region. Now he has many thousands of readers. Von Franziska Tschinderle und Bradley Secker
20. September 2019, 17:07 Uhr

Syrian Refugees The Challenges of Starting a New Life in Jordan

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians fled the violence in their homeland to Jordan. Many still live in camps while others have tried to start new lives in the city. Here, they speak of the challenges they face. Von Franziska Tschinderle und Bradley Secker
11. Juni 2019, 18:29 Uhr

Dead Sea Environmentalists Question Pipeline Rescue Plan

An "historic" agreement between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians is supposed to save the shrinking Dead Sea. But some environmentalists believe the plan to pump water from the Red Sea could do the salt lake more harm than good. Von Julia Amalia Heyer und Samiha Shafy
19. Dezember 2013, 16:55 Uhr

Elections in Jordan 'The System Is Corrupt'

The Islamic Action Front, the political wing of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood, boycotted last week's parliamentary elections in protest at what it sees as a rigged electoral system. SPIEGEL talked to party member Dima Tahboub about the country's political future.
28. Januar 2013, 17:53 Uhr

'Atlantis in the Sand' Unlocking the Mysteries of Petra

The ruins of the ancient city of Petra lay hidden until 1812, when a Swiss explorer stumbled upon them in modern-day Jordan. Two centuries later, a new exhibition in Basel brings together some 150 artifacts that shed light on how this mysterious culture of spice traders carved a luxurious oasis into the rocks of the desert. Von Matthias Schulz
19. Oktober 2012, 15:50 Uhr

The Fragile Dream Egypt's Fight for Freedom

The Egyptian revolution is fragile, and it isn't yet clear where it will lead. Still, it does provide reason for hope: Those reaching for power are not bearded old men, but young people who yearn for democracy. They have impressed the world, inspired their neighbors and forced the West to allow an old ally to fall. By SPIEGEL Staff
7. Februar 2011, 18:04 Uhr

The Peace Canal Israel-Jordan Project Aims to Save Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is rapidly shrinking. Its coastlines are crumbling and its water is becoming too salty. Now Israel and Jordan plan to build a huge canal to divert water from the Red Sea in a bid to save the ailing sea. Von Samiha Shafy
5. September 2007, 13:46 Uhr

Losing Its Best and Brightest Iraq's Elite Fleeing in Droves

One in ten Iraqis has left the country. Baghdad's elite are trying to make ends meet in neighboring Jordan and Syria. Washington wants the United Nations to address the refugee crisis. In the meantime, the country is losing its best minds -- the very people needed to rebuild Iraq. Von Amira El Ahl, Volkhard Windfuhr und Bernhard Zand
20. August 2007, 17:58 Uhr

Spiegel's Daily Take Blasts Wreck Jordan's Image of Calm

Al-Qaida has claimed responsibility for three synchronized bomb blasts at international luxury hotels in the Jordanian capital Amman, killing at least 57 and injured hundreds on Wednesday night. Elsewhere, Tony Blair suffers a legislative setback in his war on terror and George Bush proclaims World Freedom Day.
10. November 2005, 16:31 Uhr
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