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Mali Mindestens zehn Blauhelmsoldaten getötet

Trotz der Präsenz Tausender internationaler Soldaten herrscht in Mali Instabilität, das Land ist weiterhin Aufmarschgebiet von Islamisten. Nun wurden im Nordosten des Landes mehrere Blauhelmsoldaten getötet.
20. Januar 2019, 22:13 Uhr

Von der Leyen in Mali "Dieser Verlust wiegt schwer"

Nach dem Hubschrauberabsturz in Mali hat Verteidigungsministerin von der Leyen den Soldaten ihre Rückendeckung zugesichert. Die Bundeswehr weist unterdessen Vermutungen über Ausbildungsmängel der Piloten scharf zurück.
30. Juli 2017, 23:53 Uhr

Brussels Summit EU to Refocus on Stalled Defense Initiatives

EU leaders are gathering in Brussels Thurday in an effort to shore up the bloc's common defense policy, amid growing doubts over whether Europe can bridge divergent national views on the continent's security role. Von Christopher Alessi
18. Dezember 2013, 12:32 Uhr

After the Islamists Fearing for the Future in Northern Mali

Residents of the battered northern Mali city of Gao are attempting to rebuild after French troops helped drive out jihadists early this year. Now local leaders are hoping the world won't forget them. Von Bartholomäus Grill
12. September 2013, 16:53 Uhr

Malian Coup Leader Sanogo 'I Saved the Country'

Many believe that Mali's de facto leader Amadou Sanogo thrust the country into a deep crisis when he staged a coup a year ago. But that's not how he sees it. In a SPIEGEL interview he says he helped a sick, old regime die, ushering in a new beginning.
26. März 2013, 16:12 Uhr

Smuggled Out Most Timbuktu Manuscripts Saved from Attacks

More than 80 percent of Timbuktu's priceless manuscripts were smuggled out of the ancient city before Islamists began to attack its cultural heritage, SPIEGEL has learned. Many were driven by car to the Malian capital of Bamako.
25. Februar 2013, 16:10 Uhr

Timbuktu after the Liberation Malians Fear Return of Islamists

The French have successfully liberated Timbuktu, but they also intend to withdraw soon. Locals are now sharing their stories about the period of brutal Islamist control, but also their worries that the reign of terror could soon return. Von Mathieu von Rohr und Thilo Thielke
12. Februar 2013, 15:44 Uhr

'Darker Sides' The Vast Islamist Sanctuary of 'Sahelistan'

France is advancing quickly against the Islamists in northern Mali, having already made it to Timbuktu. But the Sahel offers a vast sanctuary for the extremists, complete with training camps, lawlessness and plenty of ways to make money. Von Paul Hyacinthe Mben, Jan Puhl und Thilo Thielke
28. Januar 2013, 16:20 Uhr

Resisting Islamism Life on the Front Lines in Mali

In mid-January, the strategic town of Konna in central Mali was on the front line of the conflict. First it was occupied by Islamist insurgents advancing towards the capital, then it was bombarded by a French air assault. The locals were caught in the crossfire. Von Matthias Gebauer
28. Januar 2013, 13:26 Uhr

Germany Abroad 'Mealy-Mouthed' Foreign Policy Angers Allies

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle is intent on keeping his country out of military operations in Mali. But his insistence on playing the role of peacemaker is increasingly frustrating Berlin's allies. Many in Berlin are likewise unimpressed. Von Ralf Neukirch und Gordon Repinski
22. Januar 2013, 10:16 Uhr

Ivory Coast Leader 'Germany Should Also Send Troops to Mali'

In an interview, Alassane Ouattara, president of the Ivory Coast and chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), urges Germany's leaders to engage more in the fight against Islamists in northern Mali. In addition to logistical aid, Berlin should also send troops, he argues.
21. Januar 2013, 17:54 Uhr

'Gates of Hell' Mali Conflict Opens New Front in War on Terror

France has found early success in its fight against Islamist extremists in northern Mali. But Saharan terrorist groups have close ties and are prepared for a prolonged battle. The hostage crisis in Algeria shows that the new front in the war on terror could become a protracted conflict. Von Paul Hyacinthe Mben und Jan Puhl
21. Januar 2013, 16:35 Uhr

Europe's Challenge A Terrorist Homeland in North Africa

Dozens of hostages have reportedly been killed after Algerian forces attempted a rescue operation at a natural gas complex overtaken by Islamist gunmen. The incident demonstrates the brutality and determination with which militant Islamists in North Africa operate, just a short plane ride south of European soil. Von Christoph Sydow
18. Januar 2013, 13:51 Uhr

Germany's Mali Predicament Trapped Between France and War

Germany is eager to prove it is a reliable ally, particularly after it snubbed France and stayed out of Libya. Wary of getting pulled into the violence in Mali, it has instead offered two planes to transport troops. Von Matthias Gebauer und Philipp Wittrock
17. Januar 2013, 16:09 Uhr

Hollande's War French Prepare for Extended Mali Intervention

Initially, the French intervention in Mali looked as though it would be over quickly. But President Hollande has vowed to drive out Islamist extremists and establish democracy in the country. As in Afghanistan, the operation could take much longer than expected. Von Matthias Gebauer
16. Januar 2013, 10:11 Uhr

Mali Maneuvering Germany's Risky Offer Of Help

In Mali, the French air force is fighting to push back Islamist forces. The German government wants to stand by its close ally and has offered Paris logistical assistance. Is Berlin getting itself into another lasting conflict? Von Matthias Gebauer und Severin Weiland
14. Januar 2013, 18:13 Uhr