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Malta Leaks Playing the Shell Game in the Mediterranean

Malta poses as a model member of the European Union, but it makes its living off of large European companies seeking to avoid higher tax rates back home. DER SPIEGEL went to the island nation to investigate, and found a lot of empty offices and empty words.
24. Mai 2017, 18:51 Uhr

European Escape Idyllic Islands You've Never Heard Of

They are beautiful, secluded and sometimes bizarre: Europe's smallest, least-known islands have their own unique charm. Some can only be reached by mail boat. Another asks that all visitors arrive in the nude.
16. Mai 2013, 17:43 Uhr

'Jesus is Watching' A Woman's Battle for Divorce Rights in Malta

Last month Malta voted in a referendum to legalize divorce, and will become the last EU country to do so when parliament passes the new law this summer. The young lawyer behind the campaign says it's high time the heavily Catholic nation joins the modern world. Von Fiona Ehlers
8. Juni 2011, 16:59 Uhr

Teutonic Tricks Germany Becomes Tax Haven for Firms and Wealthy

German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück has been railing against tax havens such as Switzerland and Luxembourg with harsh rhetoric. But he has paid too little attention to completely legal loopholes -- such as having subsidiaries on Malta -- that allow German corporations and the ultra-rich to minimize their tax burdens. Von Beat Balzli und Michaela Schießl
2. September 2009, 16:22 Uhr
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