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Stuck in Germany? Dispute Brews over Gurlitt Collection

Before his death, Munich art heir Cornelius Gurlitt willed his collection to a major art museum in Switzerland. The move will spare Germans some headaches, but numerous disputes over the paintings' future home is brewing. Von SPIEGEL Staff
12. Mai 2014, 18:12 Uhr

Art Dealer to the Führer Hildebrand Gurlitt's Deep Nazi Ties

Hildebrand Gurlitt, the man who assembled the astounding art collection recently discovered in a Munich apartment, was more deeply involved in the trade of looted artworks than had been previously assumed. He also profited from Nazi injustices after the war.
23. Dezember 2013, 17:15 Uhr

Monuments Men The Soldiers Who Saved Europe's Art from Hitler

The story of a special Allied unit dubbed the "Monuments Men" has inspired a Hollywood film set to premier early next year. But who were these men who saved countless European cultural treasures from being lost or destroyed by Nazi forces? Von Yvonne Schymura
5. Dezember 2013, 17:48 Uhr

Art Investigation 'Empathy Alone Doesn't Help Us Any Further'

Bavarian Justice Minister Winfried Bausback has defended the controversial handling of the trove of possibly looted art in a Munich apartment. He has also called for a new law to lift the statute of limitations in such cases in the future. Von Dietmar Hipp und Conny Neumann
25. November 2013, 16:58 Uhr

Time Machine Munich Art Collector Lives in the Past

SPIEGEL reporter Özlem Gezer spent four days with reclusive art collector Cornelius Gurlitt, the man at the center of the sensational Munich art discovery. She found a man at odds with the modern world. Von Özlem Gezer
21. November 2013, 13:32 Uhr

Munich Art Trove Jewish Groups Criticize Plans to Return Paintings

The elderly man in Munich whose more than 1,000 artworks were seized on suspicion of being stolen by Nazis is likely to get around 300 of the pictures back. Jewish groups accuse authorities of seeking to hastily end the scandal with the move.
21. November 2013, 12:02 Uhr

Gurlitt Works A Herculean Task in Identifying Provenance

A scholarly task force has been set up to clarify the origins of some of the artworks found in Cornelius Gurlitt's Munich apartment. The group will be led by prominent German art historian and will include two experts with the Jewish Claims Conference. Von Michael Sontheimer
19. November 2013, 13:29 Uhr

'A Kind of Fief' Munich Art Hoarder's Father in His Own Words

The name Cornelius Gurlitt has hit the headlines recently after the discovery of a massive art collection in his Munich apartment. His art dealer father Hildebrand offered a fascinating insight into his love of paintings in a never-before published text from 1955.
18. November 2013, 18:01 Uhr

Interview with a Phantom Cornelius Gurlitt Shares His Secrets

Cornelius Gurlitt hoarded art treasures his father obtained under dubious circumstances in the Nazi era. The reclusive 80-year-old has given SPIEGEL the first interview since news of their discovery broke two weeks ago. He says the pictures are the love of his life and must be returned. Von Özlem Gezer
17. November 2013, 09:12 Uhr

Phantom Collector The Mystery of the Munich Nazi Art Trove

The world has been captivated by the discovery of more than 1,400 works of art in a Munich apartment, among them many lost masterpieces stolen by the Nazis. The mystery surrounding the paintings reveals much about the great tragedies of the 20th century -- and Germany's attempt to grapple with its past. Von SPIEGEL Staff
11. November 2013, 18:46 Uhr

Munich Find Allies Briefly Confiscated Art after WWII

New details continue to emerge following the astounding discovery of more than 1,400 valuable paintings in a Munich apartment. Some of the works, including unknown masterpieces by Dix and Chagall, were reportedly confiscated by the Allies after World War II and then returned to the collector in 1950.
6. November 2013, 12:22 Uhr

Munich Discovery Masterpieces Found Among Nazi Art Trove

While searching a Munich apartment, police stumbled upon a historic discovery: nearly 1,500 paintings, including modern art seized by the Nazis and numerous unknown masterpieces by artists such as Picasso, Dix and Matisse.
5. November 2013, 17:24 Uhr
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