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Muslims in Europe

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Distorted Views Pro-Erdogan Sites Take Aim at Critics in Germany

Websites like the Ottoman Generation and Muslim Mainstream have become gathering points for supporters of Erdogan in Germany. But they are also being used to incite hatred against the Turkish president's critics. Von Susan Djahangard und Katrin Elger
7. April 2017, 12:57 Uhr

Daughters of Jihad The German Women of Islamic State

Much is known about men leaving Germany to take up arms on behalf of Islamic State. Less has been reported about the flocks of women traveling to Syria to join the jihad. Experts view them as a growing terrorist threat. Von Jörg Diehl, Hubert Gude, Barbara Schmid und Fidelius Schmid
13. Februar 2015, 16:41 Uhr

The Muslims of Tromsø Ramadan in the Land of the Midnight Sun

During Ramadan, Muslims fast until the sun goes down. But what if you live in a place where there is no sunset? The believers in Tromsø, Norway spent years searching for a solution to that conundrum. Now that they have found one, new problems have arisen. Von Dennis Betzholz
25. Juli 2014, 16:17 Uhr

French Philosopher Finkielkraut 'There Is a Clash of Civilizations'

French society is under threat, argues philosopher Alain Finkielkraut in a controversial new book. The conservative spoke to SPIEGEL about what he sees as the failure of multiculturalism and the need for better integration of Muslim immigrants. Von Mathieu von Rohr und Romain Leick
6. Dezember 2013, 15:59 Uhr

Legal Limbo Lawyers Seek Clarity on Headscarves in Court

The German court system has a patchwork of rules and regulations about whether female lawyers should be permitted to wear the hijab, or Muslim headscarf, in court. Experts say the lack of legal clarity is unsustainable, and that a big debate is brewing. Von Joachim Wagner
17. September 2013, 12:25 Uhr

Islam in Germany Burqini Ruling Was the Right Call

A German court ruled Wednesday that schools can require Muslim girls to participate in co-ed swimming classes. They were right to do so -- but not for the reasons many conservatives suggest. Von Dietmar Hipp und Maximilian Popp
12. September 2013, 12:50 Uhr

Burqini Ruling Court Says Schools Can Require Co-Ed Swims

Germany's top federal administrative court has ruled that schools can require Muslim girls to participate in co-ed swimming classes. The judges argue they can wear a burqini to address any concerns about religious dress codes.
11. September 2013, 20:35 Uhr

Suspicion and Hate Racist Attacks On Arabs Increase in Israel

Arabs are being beaten and insulted in Israel, where the number of racially motivated attacks has risen dramatically. The unresolved conflict, fueled by nationalist politicians, is shifting from Palestinian areas into the Israeli heartland. Von Julia Amalia Heyer
5. Juni 2013, 12:19 Uhr

German Jihadists Officials Fear Return of Syrian War Veterans

German security officials believe that a number of Germans have teamed up with radical Islamists on the frontlines in Syria. What worries them most are the training and ties they've gained abroad -- and whether they'll continue the jihad once home. Von Matthias Gebauer und Raniah Salloum
26. April 2013, 14:22 Uhr

Strange Bedfellows The Ex-Jihadist Who Embraced France's Far Right

Omar Djellil, the son of Algerian immigrants, has been a gang member, a soldier, a Jihadist and a Socialist. But now he is a hesitant backer of France's right-wing Front National party. What drives a Muslim immigrant into the arms of Islamophobes? Von Mathieu von Rohr
16. August 2012, 14:56 Uhr

Muhammad Cartoons Shown in Germany Salafists Attack Police at Far-Right Rally

A group of radical Muslims attacked police in the German city of Solingen on Tuesday during a far-right demonstration, injuring four. They were provoked by the anti-Islamic Pro NRW party, which displayed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Officials had warned that the publicity stunt could spark violence.
1. Mai 2012, 15:31 Uhr

Islamists in Enemy Territory The Missionary Zeal of Germany's Salafists

Salafists in Germany have attracted increasing attention in recent weeks with their campaign to hand out millions of free Korans. What, though, is their ultimate goal? Some sell Islamism like it is pop-culture and openly call for holy war, even under the watchful eye of the authorities. Von Hubert Gude, Souad Mekhennet und Christoph Scheuermann
24. April 2012, 12:53 Uhr