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The Last of the Monks Germany's Vanishing Monasteries

Religious orders in Germany are disappearing because so few people want to dedicate their entire lives to God anymore. Some monasteries and convents find novel ways to make money and survive, but even their days are numbered. Von Felix Bohr
19. September 2019, 10:58 Uhr

Fear Unveiled Why Banning the Burqa Makes No Sense

Calls in Germany to ban the burqa are misguided and the move would do little to liberate Muslim women. The fight for emancipation must come from inside the religion. Von Christiane Hoffmann
22. August 2016, 21:30 Uhr

Burqa Ban Debate Full Veils Already Mostly Prohibited in Germany

Some conservative German politicians would like to see a ban on burqas and other veils. Doing so, however, would likely violate the constitution -- and there are plenty of practical rules already in place. Von Jan Friedmann, Dietmar Hipp und Conny Neumann
22. August 2016, 21:30 Uhr

Pilgrims Inc. Soul Searching and Commerce on the Way of St. James

Not long ago, only a few people would make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Now, over 200,000 people a year spend several grueling weeks along the route. Traditionalists turn up their noses at the crowds, but the rewards are still vast. Von Juan Moreno
7. August 2014, 10:24 Uhr

The Muslims of Tromsø Ramadan in the Land of the Midnight Sun

During Ramadan, Muslims fast until the sun goes down. But what if you live in a place where there is no sunset? The believers in Tromsø, Norway spent years searching for a solution to that conundrum. Now that they have found one, new problems have arisen. Von Dennis Betzholz
25. Juli 2014, 16:17 Uhr

Foreign Minister Zebari 'Iraq Is Facing a Mortal Threat'

In an interview, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a Kurd, warns that his country is threatened with collapse under the pressure posed by ISIS terrorists. But, he says, it isn't a civil war yet. Von Bernhard Zand
30. Juni 2014, 17:44 Uhr

Days of Terror Iraqi Christians Live in Fear of ISIS

Some 40,000 Christians live in Qaraqosh, a town near Mosul, Iraq. Residents have been gathering daily in 12 local churches as ISIS jihadists advance towards the community. Their existence is a precarious one. Von Katrin Kuntz
26. Juni 2014, 16:18 Uhr

Pope John Paul II's Canonization The Making of a Miracle

Pope John Paul II will be canonized in April. A woman from Costa Rica experienced a stunning recovery from a brain aneurysm after praying to the late pontiff. Her story provides a unique look at the Vatican's miracle workshop. Von Alexander Smoltczyk
7. März 2014, 13:36 Uhr

The Pope's Sex Problem Catholic Survey Reveals Frustrated Flock

The Vatican last year sent out a survey to Catholics around the world focusing on attitudes to sex and sexuality. The responses are now in -- and they show that the Church is badly in need of reform. Can Pope Francis meet such expectations? Von SPIEGEL Staff
3. Februar 2014, 16:30 Uhr

Controversial Theologian Hans Küng 'I Don't Cling to This Life'

Hans Küng fought his whole life for the reforms being weighed by the Vatican today. In a SPIEGEL interview, the elderly Swiss theologian discusses Pope Francis' chances to revolutionize the church, why John Paul II shouldn't be canonized and what he hopes to learn in heaven. Von Markus Grill
12. Dezember 2013, 13:47 Uhr

Radio Vatican Unpredictable Pope Challenges Journalists

Each day, Radio Vatican translates the pope's words into 44 languages. The station's staff of 400 are some of the best and brightest from some 60 countries. But Pope Francis is very unpredictable, making a tough job even harder. Von Fiona Ehlers
11. Dezember 2013, 17:06 Uhr

French Philosopher Finkielkraut 'There Is a Clash of Civilizations'

French society is under threat, argues philosopher Alain Finkielkraut in a controversial new book. The conservative spoke to SPIEGEL about what he sees as the failure of multiculturalism and the need for better integration of Muslim immigrants. Von Mathieu von Rohr und Romain Leick
6. Dezember 2013, 15:59 Uhr

Modern Missionaries Shrinking Catholic Church Imports Priests

Faced with a shortage of priests, the Catholic Church in Germany is recruiting an increasing number of preachers from abroad like Benjamine Gaspar, who hails from India and now holds sermons at a church in the town of Bocholt. Von Simone Salden
22. November 2013, 12:24 Uhr