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Scent of Musk The Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson's

So far, no cure has been found for Parkinson's. It is only possible to treat the symptoms. But a nurse in Scotland can smell the disease before it is diagnosed, and researchers are hoping she can help on the search for a breakthrough. Von Timofey Neshitov und Daniel Etter
12. November 2019, 16:34 Uhr

Making Space Affordable The Bargain-Basement Rocket-Launch Bin

In an interview, Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck discusses his company's ambitious plans to tap the growing market for transporting satellites into space. He sees a bright future for his company and its launch pad in New Zealand. Von Christoph Seidler
9. November 2018, 17:55 Uhr

SpaceX Chief Engineer Hans Königsmann 'I Am Too Old for Mars'

The problems are piling up for Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire behind SpaceX. Could the space exploration company one day jettison its embattled founder? We asked Chief Engineer for Launches Hans Königsmann to weigh in. Von Christoph Seidler
4. Oktober 2018, 16:42 Uhr

Nazis on the Roof of the World A Bizarre SS Expedition to Tibet

In 1938, an SS expedition led by German zoologist Ernst Schäfer trekked to Tibet, returning with priceless animal specimens. Many believe they had actually been sent to search for a lost Aryan race, but a new book argues that the truth is more complicated. Von Matthias Schulz
3. April 2017, 10:40 Uhr

Methane Plume Leak Spreads Across LA's San Fernando Valley

More than 80,000 metric tons of methane gas have leaked from a storage site in northwestern Los Angeles, raising potential health concerns for people living in the area. Researchers are tracking its spread. Von Phil McKenna
15. Januar 2016, 12:12 Uhr

End of Life Care 'We're Reluctant to Talk About Death'

Bestselling author Dr. Atul Gawande's new book focuses on medical care for the dying. In an interview, he speaks with SPIEGEL about end-of-life priorities, when treatment is a mistake and how rules in care homes are made to be broken. Von Laura Höflinger
8. Oktober 2015, 16:01 Uhr

Nobel Physicist Frank Wilczek 'The World is a Piece of Art'

Nobel Prize-winner Frank Wilczek talks to SPIEGEL about the universe's extraordinary symmetry, the overlap between beauty and physics and why we may be on the verge of a bigger discovery than the Higgs particle. Von Johann Grolle
21. August 2015, 20:19 Uhr

Nobel Laureates 'Women Are Just As Gifted in Science as Men'

In a SPIEGEL interview, Nobel Prize for medicine recipients Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and May-Britt Moser discuss the challenges women face in the male-dominated world of science and how they broke through the glass ceiling. Von Rafaela von Bredow und Kerstin Kullmann
20. August 2015, 15:36 Uhr