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Trans-Atlantic Relations

Sometimes the Atlantic Ocean has never seemed wider. Still, repairing German-American relations has been a top priority of Chancellor Angela Merkel since Germany's opposition to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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A Precarious Alliance Patience Wears Thin with Germany's NATO Spending

As NATO prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary, the most successful military alliance in history finds itself in the throes of an existential crisis. The unfulfillled promises of some member countries -- in particular Germany -- to spend more on defense threaten to tear the block apart. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
2. April 2019, 19:38 Uhr

NATO Spending Debate What Did Merkel Pledge in Brussels?

Did German Chancellor Angela Merkel agree behind closed doors to increase military spending in Berlin? The debate over the defense budget is now reheating within her coalition government. Von Matthias Gebauer, Peter Müller, Christian Reiermann und Christoph Schult
20. Juli 2018, 18:03 Uhr

Hibernation How Europe Can Survive the Trump Era

Explosive narcissism and vulgar capitalism: It is impossible to engage in politics with this U.S. president. Europe should resist the temptation to fixate on Donald Trump and instead pursue its own goals. That's the lesson of a deeply disorienting week. Von Dirk Kurbjuweit
20. Juli 2018, 18:03 Uhr

Friendly Fire Trump Takes Aim at Germany and NATO

Germany used to be one of Washington's closest allies. But Donald Trump has singled the country out as his favorite target for criticism. The U.S. president continued to pursue that obsession this week, and came close to destroying NATO in the process. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
13. Juli 2018, 19:26 Uhr

A Disaster Foretold NATO Prepares for a Trumper Tantrum

NATO is preparing for a contentious summit this month, primarily due to the posturing by U.S. President Donald Trump ahead of the meeting. He has made it clear that he is unhappy - and Berlin is target number one. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
9. Juli 2018, 10:31 Uhr

Trump's Attacks on Germany The Enemy in the White House

Trump's latest lies are an open attack on the German government and the European Union. This U.S. president was never a partner. He is an aggressive opponent and should be treated as such. Von Stefan Kuzmany
20. Juni 2018, 15:51 Uhr

The G-7 Fiasco It's Time to Isolate Donald Trump

The G-7 summit once again made it clear that U.S. President Donald Trump is intent on treating America's allies worse than its enemies. Europe must draw the consequences and seek to isolate Trump on the international stage. Von Roland Nelles
11. Juni 2018, 11:55 Uhr

Trapped in the Past Increasing Headwinds for Angela Merkel

Just a few months ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was being described as the new leader of the free world. But recently she has been having trouble getting her way even in Berlin and Europe. Her days of dominance appear to be over. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
8. Juni 2018, 18:17 Uhr

A Vicious Cycle Berlin Worried about Losing Trump's Trade War

The U.S. has followed through with its threat to impose punitive tariffs on European steel and aluminum and the signs are pointing to a global trade war. The German government is doing what it can to prevent harm to its automobile industry. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
6. Juni 2018, 12:35 Uhr

American Roulette Trump Tricks Trade Partners into Dangerous Game

Donald Trump has issued a new ultimatum in his tariffs dispute with the European Union. Although his strategy may appear erratic, it has its own logic. Things could get dangerous if the EU decides to play his game. Von Martin Hesse, Peter Müller und Christian Reiermann
5. Mai 2018, 11:10 Uhr

From Paris with Love Inside Macron's Bromance with Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to the U.S. put his affection for President Donald Trump on full display. The trip was good for the Macron brand and it didn't hurt Trump either. But are there any benefits for the rest of the world? Von Julia Amalia Heyer
27. April 2018, 20:40 Uhr

Sidelined Germany's Incredibly Shrinking Role on the World Stage

With a wayward president at the helm in the United States, the world has become a more dangerous place. In response, though, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is once again steering Germany to the foreign policy sidelines, clearing the way for French President Emmanuel Macron. By DER SPIEGEL Staff Von Matthias Gebauer, Julia Amalia Heyer, Christiane Hoffmann, Peter Müller, Ralf Neukirch, René Pfister, Christian Reiermann, Christoph Scheuermann und Christoph Schult
23. April 2018, 18:39 Uhr

Thank You, Donald! What Trump Means for Germany's Future

The cracks in trans-Atlantic relations caused by Donald Trump's election provide an opportunity for Germany to finally forge ahead with its own foreign policy. One that draws Europe together and fights for what is right. Von Klaus Brinkbäumer
18. April 2018, 13:15 Uhr

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas 'Syria Is Not Auschwitz'

In a DER SPIEGEL interview, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas discusses Germany's position on Syria, criticizes U.S. President Donald Trump's Twitter diplomacy and calls for a tougher approach to Russia. Von Christiane Hoffmann und Christoph Schult
16. April 2018, 18:41 Uhr

The Blight House Trump's Presidency Sinks Below Rock Bottom

More controversy than usual has been swirling around the White House, with Donald Trump losing his temper over a book accusing him of being an ignorant, TV-addicted narcissist. The bad news, though, is that he's not going away anytime soon. Von Christoph Scheuermann
16. Januar 2018, 10:37 Uhr