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Enshrined Impotence Germany Joins a Dysfunctional Security Council

Germany is once again part of the UN Security Council for a two-year stint. But the council's inability to put a stop to the violence in Syria and Yemen in recent years shows the need for reform is more urgent than ever. Can Berlin make a difference? Von Dietmar Pieper
10. Januar 2019, 15:27 Uhr

War and Pestilence The Ongoing Fragmentation of Yemen

There are hopes that a cease-fire could end the fighting in Yemen's civil war. But a visit to the front near Hodeida shows that even if the violence stops, it will be difficult to keep the country together. Von Christoph Reuter und Daniel Etter
17. Dezember 2018, 16:25 Uhr

Crumbling Currency Yemen Slides into the Horrors of Famine

War-torn Yemen is experiencing the disastrous collapse of its currency. Food, fuel, medication and clean water is becoming astronomically expensive. The result is a looming famine that could become one of the biggest ever. Von Christoph Reuter
9. November 2018, 12:00 Uhr

The Forgotten War A Visit to the Killing Fields of Yemen

The forgotten war in Yemen has entered its fourth year and peace is nowhere in sight. With the healthcare system in shambles and bombs falling every day, it is the civilian population that suffers the most. A visit to North Yemen. Von Fiona Ehlers
25. September 2018, 15:51 Uhr

War in Yemen In a Devastated Country, One City Is Thriving

The city of Marib in Yemen was long seen as an al-Qaida stronghold. But as the rest of the war-ravaged country descends ever deeper into chaos, it has become an unofficial capital with booming businesses and a popular university, a place poised between horror and hope. Von Christoph Reuter
15. November 2017, 12:10 Uhr

Yemen Foreign Minister 'Our Enemies Want to Starve Us'

The ongoing civil war in Yemen has already cost 10,000 lives and there are no indications that peace will take hold any time soon. SPIEGEL spoke with the foreign minister of the self-proclaimed Houthi government about why the violence continues unabated. Von Susanne Koelbl
19. Mai 2017, 10:41 Uhr

Lifting the Veil How Working Women Are Remaking Saudi Arabia

A growing number of women in Saudi Arabia are joining the workforce and chipping away at discriminations enshrined in its laws. But they face conservative opposition and -- even now -- a ban on driving. Von Juliane von Mittelstaedt und Samiha Shafy
23. Juni 2015, 11:58 Uhr

Proxy War in Yemen Saudi Arabia and Iran Vie for Regional Supremacy

A Saudi Arabia-led coalition continues to bombard Yemen in an effort to stop the advance of an Iran-backed Shiite militia there. The conflict is becoming a proxy war for regional supremacy. The risks to the House of Saud are great. Von Dieter Bednarz, Christoph Reuter und Bernhard Zand
3. April 2015, 18:28 Uhr

Islamist vs. Secularists The Post-Revolution Struggle for the Arab Soul

The rise of political Islam following the Arab Spring has many worried that the democratic achievements of the revolution could be lost. In Egypt and Tunisia alike, citizens are once again taking to the streets. But this time they are opposing Islamism. Does secularism still stand a chance? Von Daniel Steinvorth
4. Dezember 2012, 16:20 Uhr

Muhammad Video Protests Protesters Set Fire to German Embassy in Sudan

Angry protesters in the Sudanese capital Khartoum attacked the German Embassy on Friday, setting fire to parts of the building. They also tore down the German flag and raised an Islamist banner. The violence was part of a wave of protests against an anti-Islam film across the Muslim world.
14. September 2012, 16:53 Uhr

Middle East Outrage Spreads Film Sparks Attack on US Embassy in Yemen

Attacks on American diplomatic missions abroad continued on Thursday, when an angry mob of protesters descended on the US Embassy in Yemen's capital Sanaa. It is the latest in a string of such assaults, following violent protests in Cairo and Benghazi, where the US ambassador died in an attack on Tuesday.
13. September 2012, 12:39 Uhr

Tension in Yemen Al-Qaida Activity Puts Regime Change in Doubt

The security situation in Yemen is fragile -- but in recent days it has been even more so. Al-Qaida militants seized a city near the capital, threatening plans for President Saleh to step down. Although he has now left the country and the militants have abandoned the city, there is continued fighting and questions about the future. Von Alexander Smoltczyk
26. Januar 2012, 12:28 Uhr

Anwar al-Awlaki The Death of Jihad's English-Language Mouthpiece

Anwar al-Awlaki was one of al-Qaida's most important propagandists and influenced a number of attackers and jihadists, including two Germans. Now the Yemeni and US governments have confirmed that he has been killed in an air strike along with a second US citizen. Von Yassin Musharbash
30. September 2011, 17:45 Uhr

Halting Steps Toward Democracy Arab Revolution Caught Between Euphoria and Despair

More than half a year after the beginning of the Arab Revolution, pro-democracy movements in several countries appear to have stalled. The despots in Syria and Libya are fiercely opposing rebellions in their countries, while Yemen threatens to slide into chaos. Will the trial of Hosni Mubarak in Cairo give a new impetus to the protests? By SPIEGEL Staff.
10. August 2011, 17:54 Uhr

Has the Arab Spring Stalled? Autocrats Gain Ground in Middle East

Burning churches in Cairo, dead and wounded in Syria, Libya and Yemen, and a deathly silence in Bahrain. The Arab protest movement has come to a standstill, and the kings, emirs and sultans are rallying to launch a counterrevolution. Von Alexander Smoltczyk und Volkhard Windfuhr
18. Mai 2011, 11:01 Uhr